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October 20, 2023

Starting your own business is one of the most rewarding things you can do. The job satisfaction along with the joy of working for yourself, no one to answer to, you can take holidays when you want, it’s bliss. However, there’s also the pressure and the feeling that you can’t have a holiday because you won’t make any money and perhaps a loss of freedom because your business is your baby, but it doesn’t have to be like this, there are some good businesses you can start which don’t require you to be chained to a desk from 9-5 but are far more flexible, allowing you to work around the rest of your life.

Key Takeaways on Businesses to Start Which Will Suit You:

  • Starting a Business: Launching a business can be rewarding, offering job satisfaction and the joy of self-employment. However, it can also come with pressures and responsibilities.
  • Cleaning Business: Starting a cleaning service can provide flexibility in terms of working hours and client selection. The demand for cleaning services is high, and there's potential for growth or maintaining it on a smaller scale.
  • Personal Trainer: Becoming a personal trainer requires qualifications but can be lucrative for those passionate about health and fitness. Building a portfolio of case studies and client transformations is essential. Personal trainers can offer services at homes, gyms, or personal studios.
  • Towing and Recovery Business: This business can be profitable but requires specific knowledge and equipment. It's essential to have a business plan, invest in recovery trucks, and other necessary supplies like traffic cones and floodlights.
  • Catering Business: If you're a skilled cook, starting a catering business can be a good venture. While some tasks might require a commercial kitchen, much of the planning, marketing, and business operations can be done from home. It's crucial to be aware of local food regulations and consider the rising demand for specialised meal delivery services.

Choosing a business that aligns with one's passion and skills can lead to success and satisfaction. It's essential to research, plan, and ensure that the chosen business fits one's lifestyle and goals.

Discover Real-World Success Stories

Cleaning Business

If you enjoy cleaning or don’t mind doing it then running your cleaning service could give you the flexibility you want. You could choose your hours and your clients, and with people so busy now many people are willing to pay for a cleaner and they will pay a fair bit. If you wanted it to grow, there is the chance that your business could develop into a larger company, however, if you're going to keep it on a small scale, then you can do that too.

Personal Trainer

For this one, you do need some qualifications, but if you’re into your health and fitness, then this might be something you enjoy and make money from. Any costs from your training you will make back as you can charge a lot by the hour for being a personal trainer. You need to get yourself a few case studies at first so that you can show people the transformations you have helped and show them your reviews, but it won’t take too long to build it up. As a personal trainer, you can make house calls, visit a gym, or let clients come to you (if you have the right equipment). You need to be very knowledgeable about everything from proper exercises for different body types to how to motivate people who want to get healthy. And you should feel comfortable getting close to your clients to learn what works best for them.

If you have a passion for health and wellness, starting a fitness venture might be right up your alley. Before diving in, consider enhancing your knowledge and credentials with fitness courses. These courses can provide you with the necessary skills and certifications to stand out in the competitive fitness industry.

Towing and Recovery Business

A towing and recovery business can become very profitable, but you do need some knowledge and equipment to be successful. You need to draft and then follow your business plan and make sure you promote your business. You’ll need to have a look at recovery trucks for sale and look into buying other supplies such as traffic cones, floodlights, and strobe lights and you’re away!


Are you a great cook and do you enjoy doing it? Then maybe you should start charging for your services and your talent and start a catering business! While you won’t necessarily be able to do all of your catering work from home, it’s an excellent place to start. Then you might need to use a commercial kitchen and will probably have to hire some part-time employees to help during events—much of the organisation, planning, marketing, and actual business work can be done wherever you like. Check the local food regulations to find out what you would need to be running a business from home, but even if not catering for big parties, delivery meal services are very popular today with people requesting all sorts of dietary requirements. It’s a money maker.

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