Buying The Right Car For Your Business

Buying The Right Car For Your Business to Look More Professional
Robin Waite - Business Coach

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No matter if you order a custom made car, or you visit a second-hand dealership, having a company car in your business can make you seem a lot more professional. After all, if you have a bona fide marketing machine on the road, you can attract a lot more attention, and prove you’re serious about running your own small business!

But before you invest in a company car, you’ve got to be sure about your choices. Not all vehicles are created equally, and you need a model that fits the bill - here’s what to keep in mind during this process.

Be Careful About Your Modification Choices

When you’re buying a brand new car, custom from the manufacturer, you’re going to be forking out at least $30,000 for the privilege. And because of this, you should think about the add on options you’re presented with.

Yes, it would be good to have built-in, onboard navigation, but does that make sense for your company budget? When you can use a phone or a Sat-Nav instead, and simply attach them to the dashboard? Some cars are better than others for modification potential, but save yourself some money and don’t waste any resources here.

You’ll Need More Space Than You Think

When you think about the phrase ‘company car’, you probably think about a car that’s sleek in shape and shiny in color. However, the aesthetics of the vehicle (while an important part) are not your number one priority here. In fact, you can wrap and decorate the car however you like! But what you can’t do is make it any bigger, and that’s why you need to focus on size here.

You’re going to have to keep a lot of company items in your car; delivery stock, marketing materials for meetings, and you’ll also need space for ferrying multiple employees around as well. So, maybe it’s time to look into Vauxhall vans for sale? They’ll guarantee you’ll have plenty of space to work with, and they can be quite economical when it comes to mileage as well. You want to keep costs down in your business as much as possible!

Keep Your Marketing in Mind

As mentioned above, the aesthetics of your new company car do matter, and that’s what we’ll go over here. You need a car that looks the part, makes people pay attention, and gets your brand identity out there. A well designed, well made car will always stand out for the right reasons, but your efforts shouldn’t end there.

Also think about adding more visual elements for even better results. For example, wrapping your new company car will allow you to display your business colors, brand, and logo, and it usually doesn’t cost much for a professional job either. The more you drive, the more people will recognise your business, simply by watching your car go past.

A good company car fits your needs; here’s how to find the right model for you.

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