Easter Holiday Marketing Ideas to Help you Spring into April

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March 17, 2023

Easter Marketing Ideas to Help you Spring into April
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Standing out as a small business is all about getting to know your audience and generating customer engagement and loyalty. It’s not always easy, but Easter presents a unique range of opportunities. So, get your creativity flowing and let’s take a look at ways you can bounce into spring with an Easter bunny helping hand:

  • Social media and the 60/30/10 rule
  • Easter content marketing tips
  • Easter egg hunts and local marketing
  • Other Easter additions

There are plenty of ways to bring in the festivities to your small business marketing at Easter, so make the most of it with these ideas…

Social media and the 60/30/10 rule

Everyone knows that social media is the best way to connect with the more digitally-savvy consumer – if your business isn’t making use of that, you’re missing out. Either way, one of the best ways to stay on top and in control of your social activity is to create a social media plan which includes any global holidays and events. It should contain content ideas and information for all these special days – think about how they could build loyalty, how you could grow your engagement with these posts and how to reinforce your brand.

Easter social post ideas:

  1. Have an Easter voucher code.
  2. Create a sales event around the day and generate a hashtag to use across all your marketing.
  3. Host a competition for the best Easter photo from your followers.

There are loads of ways to make the most of the Easter weekend to progress your business – even just wishing everyone you speak to online a Happy Easter will improve customer opinion.

Don’t forget the 60/30/10 rule either. This is a social media marketing rule designed to help you give the best impression possible and increase your overall impact. The top line summary is:

  • 60% of your content should be engaging and designed to evoke reactions or comments to build your audience and reputation.
  • 30% is shared content from other non-competitive businesses to show your awareness and build business relationships.
  • The remaining 10% is your products and services – it is SOCIAL media, not sales media.

So, make 6/10 posts about the holiday and how you and your employees are celebrating – think photos of Easter bunny ears and eggs in the office. Then make 3/10 shared posts from other Easter well-wishers, and the final post should be about your sale, event or discount.

Easter content marketing tips

It’s a phrase that is everywhere, but it’s true: Content is king. When you upload a video, article or infographic to your website and social media channels, you providing your audience with relevant answers. And you are giving potential customers an introduction to your business.

Content marketing is educational but is not about the products the company sells. The vendor offers such good information that you become loyal to the brand.”

Content Marketing Institute

So, for Easter content creation, think less about your products and more about your customers and what they might want to do this Easter:

  1. For an arts and crafts store – easy craft guides would be a sensible option to share
  2. For a marketing agency – blogs around using the holidays to boost your brand awareness would be a good idea
  3. For an insurance company – things like at-home Easter activities with a note about protecting the home at the end could be handy.

The idea of content marketing isn’t to make your business and products a focus – they should be a side-line or an optional extra to the Easter content through which potential customers are introduced to your brand.

Easter egg hunts and local marketing

It’s significantly easier for certain businesses to undertake local Easter marketing ideas – retail businesses can introduce Easter-themed points of sale, restaurants can have Easter specials, even coffee shops can get in on it with Easter cookies.

The most obvious option for most businesses with a storefront is to put on an Easter egg hunt or get involved with a local one alongside others. You could do anything from hiding a clue in your store window to sponsoring a prize.

Other options include:

Other Easter additions

Of course, there are other ways to make your business Easter-happy too. These are just some of the easier options. Here are a few other ideas:

  1. Fill your website headers with Easter eggs or put bunnies in your borders.
  2. You could make an online Easter egg hunt by coding Easter egg animations that reveal discount codes on your website – Top Cash Back did something similar for Christmas.
  3. Run an Easter paid-ad campaign targeting customers looking for your products but with an Easter theme.

Any business can get involved in the Easter holidays, or any holiday for that matter – it’s just about finding the right angle. Whether it’s through these content marketing tips or Easter egg hunts, think of these events as more of an opportunity to build your audience and encourage brand loyalty and engagement than to make sales. You’ll likely see the benefit for your small business and be prepping your creativity muscles for the next holiday to make the most of.

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