Elevate Your Business Presentations With Wondershare Presentory

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October 30, 2023

In the field of business, creativity is a key to transforming ordinary presentations into thrilling visuals. Business presentations help to share ideas and the latest updates with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders. Audiences always want to see something unique and attractive. Suppose you are giving a presentation orally and do not have visuals. You will get a negative impression from the audience. 

Presentation is a secret weapon to boost your confidence level. If you have a business meeting and do not have enough time to create a presentation, try Wondershare Presentory software to create well-crafted presentations through artificial intelligence. It simplifies the process of making a persuasive presentation.

make strong connections with your clients

Presentory software is based on artificial intelligence to create visually appealing presentations. If you are a businessman, student, or anyone who wants to deliver his message in a clear and organised manner without investing much time and effort, give it a try to Presentory AI to demonstrate professionalism.  

Key Takeaways on Elevating Your Business Presentations

  1. Importance of Creativity: Creativity is essential in business presentations to capture and retain the audience's attention and effectively convey ideas.
  2. Presentory AI: Wondershare Presentory is a software powered by artificial intelligence that simplifies the creation of compelling presentations.
  3. Create Visual Appeal: Presentory generates presentations by entering the topic and offers customisation options like templates, layouts, animations, and effects for engaging visuals.
  4. Collaboration and Sharing: The software allows easy online sharing, virtual camera recording, live streaming, and export options for enhanced collaboration and accessibility.
  5. Effective Delivery: A built-in teleprompter assists in maintaining audience engagement and eye contact, providing a script visible only to the presenter.
  6. Multimedia Integration: Enhance presentations with multimedia elements like videos, images, and screenshots, making the content more engaging and informative.
  7. Connectivity: Presentory supports various platforms, ensuring seamless sharing and interaction during presentations.
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Key Features of Wondershare Presentory

1. Create Visual Appeal

As we all know, artificial intelligence is enhancing day-by-day, but did you know it can also help you to make presentations effectively? Whether you want to prepare a presentation for a physical meeting or online, Wondershare Presentory will help you to make a business presentation in a few minutes. All you need is to enter the topic of your presentation, and it will generate the whole script of the presentation in seconds. 


boost your presentation skills

Customiaation allows for improving the creativity level of the presentation. That's why Presentory offers a vast collection of ready-made templates according to the presentation topic. If you want to add a background behind your slides, it will enable you to add built-in layouts to impress your audience. You can select the template after generating the outline from AI Presentory. After choosing the template, it will automatically add your generated content to it.

select the templates and layouts for slides

Add animations, transitions, and effects to make your slides more dynamic. If you are giving a presentation, but your slides are simple with only text, then it will seem unattractive to your audience. To hold the attention of the audience, add some effects and transitions to leave a lasting impact on the audience.


add animations to create slides more attractive

2. Collaboration and Sharing

Wondershare Presentory provides an intuitive interface that helps you share your presentation online without any hassle. You can easily share your presentation from anywhere or anytime with the help of the internet. You can also present the slides online to ensure everyone is getting your point in real time. Presentory allows you to export your slides in another format so you can use them later.

It offers a virtual camera feature where you can record the presentation in real time. It makes it more easy-to-understand and accessible for online business meetings, seminars, and lectures. You can record your presentation live with a camera and present the slides to engage your audience. If you do not feel comfortable showing your face, you can only record the presentation with a microphone.

Collaboration and Sharing on Wondershare

It also allows you to live stream your PPT with one click. You can broadcast the slides in real time and reach your target audience. Live streaming is a way to deliver your message to the audience without going through the recording procedure. You can get the queries and feedback from the audience in real-time through live streaming. 

You just need to tap on the icon of the stream to start it. This feature is a game-changer for good communication and decision-making.

3. Preparing an effective delivery

A teleprompter is a great way to rehearse the platform to keep the attention of the audience. It not only helps you to prepare the presentation but also maintains eye contact with your audience. It is like a script that can only be seen by you, not by the audience. It will appear in front of you while presenting your topic and boost the delivery process.

create a script for your business presentation

Enhance your presentation by adding multimedia to it. Add videos, images, and PPT, and share the screenshot of your desktop. It helps to create a deeper level of understanding and your best impression in front of an audience. It can easily integrate into your presentation by clicking on the import button. Select which kind of multimedia you want to upload. Choose it from its location and upload it to the specific slide.

import the multimedia to enhance the creativity

You can connect with multiple platforms while delivering the presentation. Suppose you are in an online meeting and worry about how you can your slides with them: then Presentory helps you. It supports multiple platforms, such as YouTube, Linked In, Skype, Gmail, Google Meet, Zoom, etc. It is suitable for everyone, from students to businessmen and content creators.


Business Presentation is crucial to present new business ideas, creativity, and strategies. Sometimes detailed communication without visuals with clients does not help you gain their attention. But when you deliver your speech with attractive graphics, titles, charts, and images. It will transform your presentation to the next level. If you are running out of time and want to create compelling slides, you can try Wondershare Presentory.

It offers a user-friendly platform for beginners and professionals. It helps to generate the outlines and content related to your presentation topic through AI. It also offers innovative features such as Teleprompter, Live face recording, live streaming, embedding videos and images to the slides, adding animations and effects, choosing ready-made templates, and connecting multiple platforms. Elevate your business presentation and give it a try to Wondershare Presentory.

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