Elevate Your E-commerce Security: Unveiling the Power of SSL Certificates

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April 8, 2024

Today, data privacy has become a major concern for users and entrepreneurs. From online money transactions to using any kind of web service- social, educational, commercial or any application- all require data to personalise the customer experience and provide the best results. 

However, this also has given rise to various kinds of hacking or theft of data. It's been seen vividly that a lack of cybersecurity has led to data misuse from unsecured websites. So, how can you protect your website or business online? 

Among the various ways to secure your e-commerce website one of the most fundamental steps is getting a SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) certificate. SSL certificates are specifically designed to protect the user and business data, from the eye of hackers. 

Let’s learn more about SSL certificates, their types, their purpose, and how it can help you boost your eCommerce security with encryption, data security, and authentication. 

Key Takeaways on the Power of SSL Certificates

  1. Importance of Data Privacy: SSL certificates encrypt data exchanged between users and websites, protecting personal information from hackers and data theft.
  2. Authentication Assurance: SSL certificates authenticate websites, ensuring users interact with genuine sites and safeguarding against scams and fraud.
  3. SEO Enhancement: SSL-certified websites rank higher in search results, improving visibility, traffic, and overall performance.
  4. Building User Trust: Secure websites with SSL certificates instil trust and credibility in users, fostering a safe environment for transactions and interactions.
  5. Device Compatibility: SSL certificates ensure secure browsing across all devices, enhancing user experience and accessibility.
  6. Essential for E-commerce: E-commerce and business websites must have SSL certificates for secure financial transactions and data protection.
  7. Affordable Options: Platforms like Cheapsslshop.com offer cost-effective SSL certificate solutions without compromising on features or security.
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What Are SSL Certificates?

SSL certificate is a digital credential created for securing websites from any kind of digital theft. It helps in establishing a secure encrypted pathway between a user’s browser and the website in use, which protects the information exchanged among them. 

For instance, the user's profile, login-credentials, transaction details, address, browsing history, etc is protected by the SSL certificate from any other third-party interference or misuse.

There’s a simple way to identify if a website is secure or not. Look at the URL of the website, if it begins with “https://” instead of “http://www”, know that it is secured. The ‘s’ in https stands for ‘secure’. This means that only a website with SSL certificates can use the HTTPS protocol.  

Moreover, most search engines today flag if any website is insecure to their user. Meaning, that the chances of any user exploring your website highly depend on the presence of an SSL certificate.  

Types Of SSL Certificates

SSL certificates come in 4 different types. Each one caters to specific requirements of organisations based on their scale. 

1. Domain Validated SSL Certificates

These offer the most basic form of security features perfect for a personal blog or small website owners. Their function is to authenticate the domain name and the user associated with it.

2. Organisation Validated or OV-SSL Certificates

OV SSL certificates are a little upgraded version of the domain SSL certificate. These certificates protect the domain as well as some of your organisation's information. The OV-SSL certificates have the website information and are generally used by businesses to show they are legit.

3. Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

As the name suggests, Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates provide a higher level of security than the above two types of SSL certificates. EV-SSL certificates enable your website to display the company name in the browser's address bar and are shown in a green bar on the side. The green bar projects that the website is safe and secure to use, instilling a sense of trust and credibility in users. Hence, several big corporations and e-commerce websites use EV certificates.

4. Wildcard SSL Certificates

Now, how would you secure a business that has multiple domains and subdomains? There comes the Wildcard SSL certificates. These certificates cover the main and subdomains present on your website. So, you don’t have to get separate certificates for every subdomain.

Wildcard SSL certificates also arise as the cheapest way to secure your entire digital property. SSL certificate is exactly a person planning to expand their website needs. One Wildcard SSL certificate provides a secure connection for all of your website pages, ensuring a better user experience and service. 

Why do you need an SSL Certificate for your eCommerce website?

Apart from getting a green signal from the search engines to encourage users to visit your website, there are a few more key reasons why having an SSL certificate is extremely important for your eCommerce security. 

1. Data Privacy

Data security is regarded as the most valued attribute in today's world. SSL certificates encrypt the personal information exchanged between the user and the website in codes and make them hard to decipher. 

2. Website Authentification

Website authentication is crucial to avoid scams and fraud during website interactions. Having an SSL certificate ensures that the website is authentic and not any dupe, which safeguards the interest of both the parties: users and the e-commerce/ website. 

3. Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As per the search engine algorithms, SSL certificate-holding websites are pushed higher in search results. Thus, increasing the visibility, traffic, and overall performance of the website.

4. User’s Trust

A secure website is a positive indicator for the user. SSL certificate indicates that the website is authentic, secure, and safe to use; creating trust and credibility between the user and the website. It provides a safe space for the user to use the services and products offered by the website.

5. Favours Device Compatibility

SSL certificates work smoothly for all the devices. As a website owner, you can rest assured that your website is secure and protected irrespective of the devices it is browsed on, be it smartphones, tablets, laptops or systems. 

Who Should Have SSL Certificates?

If you are any of the following, get an SSL certificate!

E-commerce and Business website 

Commercial websites and online stores must have an SSL certificate to provide a secure gateway for financial transactions and safekeeping of personal data like credit cards, debit cards, addresses, etc. 

Blogs and Personal websites

SSL is highly recommended for blogs and other websites to protect its user's data, which might include personal information, login credentials, etc. SSL also enhances the SEO perspective of the website.

Where to Buy Cheap SSL Certificates?

Apart from the licence, you will need an all-time support service from the CA provider to resolve any future issues with your website. So, buying an SSL certificate for your online business or website can seem costly. But, it is not impossible! Cheapsslshop.com provides the super saver deals on SSL certificates. Let’s see how you can get one!

Explore cheapsslshop.com to look at the different types of SSL certificate offers provided without compromising on its features. 

For instance, you can get a cheap Wildcard SSL certificate for your website's domain. The benefit is that you can use the same to protect its sub-domains in the future.

Wildcard SSL certificates are the most pocket-friendly among all three as they bring in unlimited service licence, and unified protection, are convenient to use, compatible, and boost ranking.  


SSL certificates are necessary to protect user’s and website confidential data. Without data security, neither search engines nor users will show interest in e-commerce, a blog, or an online consulting business website. SSL certificates help build trust and assurance in the users. It also improves the credibility of the websites and their online presence. 

Buying the right type of SSL certificate from the right Certificate Authority (CA) ensures a smooth and secure browsing experience for your website users. With cheapsslshop.com finding the best cheap SSL certificate deals becomes easier and less like an obstacle in procuring online security.

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