Ep. #56 Matt Essam - Successful Non Salesy Selling

02 Oct 2020

A bit about my guest on today’s episode:

My Guest today is Matt Essam, the Author of 'Create and Prosper'.

Having worked in the creative industries for over 12 years within big agencies as well as running his own freelance business, Matt realised that being successful is about more than just adding bigger projects to your portfolio.

In 2015 a series of unexpected events changed his perspective on life and he decided that it was time to find some meaning and purpose in his work. With the support from some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and business mentors, Matt developed a framework that he now uses to help established freelancers and small agencies to grow their business through work that is both creatively fulfilling and financially rewarding.

What we will be discussing today:

  • Sales without being salesy
  • Finding fulfilment in your work
  • What are 'dream clients' and how do you find them?
  • Mindset and Psychology

Listen to the full episode:

Successful Non-Sales'y Selling

The word ‘sales’ has garnered somewhat negative connotations. People think of sales as pestering you or only selling and advertising products purely for money. So, how do you approach sales without coming across as ‘salesy’? What’s more, how do you attract your dream clients and find fulfilment in your work, while still making those sales? Stay tuned, because this podcast episode is for you.

Taking leadership in your business

Running your own business isn’t all about the money. Your client books could be full, yet you are feeling unfulfilled. You dread it whenever you have to open your emails or sit down to start a piece of work.

This is a sign that you need to step back and find that perspective. More importantly, take leadership in your business and life.

Often when you work for yourself, you are working with other freelancers and individual bosses.

When you take on a new client, you want it to be a collaboration, with mutual respect and values involved. If you’re not careful though, you can become a worker.

You will be the person your client comes to when they want someone to churn out the creative work.

If money is your sole concern, this leads to a scarcity mindset. That feeling of taking on any work and undercharging because you don’t want to lose a client.

You may think doing everything a client wants is the best thing to do, but if the work is not fulfilling, then it does more damage in the long term.

Starting to find fulfilment

So how do you shift from churning out client work just as a means to end, to proper fulfilment in your life and business?

“...knowing your personal values and knowing the order of your needs, your emotional needs,” says Matt Essam.

You need to look at your goals and really consider WHY you want them. It’s easy to write a list of material, external things you want, but the foundations need to start with the emotion. For example, if you want more freedom and more time for yourself, look at your business and find areas where you could create more freedom.

If you are a freelancer, do you feel pressured to still stick to that 9 to 5 routine?

Take yourself back and remind yourself why you decided to work for yourself in the first place. Was it to have more flexibility and to spend more time with your family?

Reflecting on your beliefs and values is key. Likewise, maintaining those work boundaries and realising that you can take an afternoon off and your business will still be there can be a real breakthrough.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”

Money mindset

A simple way to get more freedom is to have less clients, but charge more money. Through charging more money, this can actually allow you to provide better services, because you have more time and money to invest in the quality of your service delivery.

By doing so, you can then get more referrals and passive marketing success.

Negative mindsets around increasing rates is a common issue, with people being afraid to lose clients.

If you undercharge though, you’ll have to take on more clients, spend all your time churning out their work, and never be able to fully serve them or your business.

Your work is valuable, and it’s worth the money, and the right clients will see that. It’s about developing your abundance mindset over your scarcity mindset.

Beating the negative sales mindset

The negativity around money and selling your services or products can lead to unsuccessful sales in your business.

Work culture for a long time has been about working hard, not fussing, and just getting on with it.

It’s time to break this cycle.

Selling seems like it’s all about the money, when in fact it’s about the relationship between you and your audience.

There are crossovers with psychology and selling is like coaching in some ways.

You are engaging with your audience, discovering their problem, and offering a solution to solve it.

People buy something at a high price because they want the quality and they see the benefit.

In short, so much of sales is about your mindset. Through true fulfillment and knowing your values, selling becomes more natural and the right clients will come to you.


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