Essential Software Solutions Every Business Can't Thrive Without

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September 19, 2023

What is the one thing you just can't imagine your life without? Don't make romantic answers like happiness, peace, health, or love because the real answer is simple and materialistic. That is technology.

The early cavemen used to paint to express their thoughts, and nowadays, we don't even bother to talk; we just text away. We have walked a long path since the dawn of civilisation indeed. And where it has brought us - is this age of computers, this era of ever-changing technology. And you've heard the old saying," When in Rome, be Roman," right? This certainly means that you need to adapt continuously and consistently for your survival in this world. And that's a hundred if not thousand times true for the business people. When all your competitors leverage digital technology for faster work and higher profit, why should you fall back into oblivion? Come on…you know better than this.

Key Takeaways on Software Solutions Every Business Needs

  1. Introduction to the Importance of Technology: Technology is an essential component of modern life and business, enabling efficiency and competitiveness.
  2. Benefits of Digital Technology in Business: Digital technology enhances business operations by increasing production rates, improving quality control, enabling remote control and monitoring, and enhancing surveillance capabilities.
  3. Essential Software Solutions for Businesses: Several software solutions are crucial for modern businesses, including accounting and tax software (e.g., Tally ERP), database management software, website building tools (e.g., WordPress), marketing and public relations software, monitoring tools (e.g., netapp monitoring tool™ by Bocada®), and virtual meeting and conference software (e.g., Gmeet, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Zoom).
  4. Importance of Database Management: Database management is vital for organising and retrieving various types of business data efficiently, including employee details, contracts, records, and more.
  5. Digital Marketing and PR: Effective marketing and public relations strategies are essential for business success, with social media and graphic design software playing a significant role in these efforts.
  6. Monitoring Tools: Monitoring tools, such as netapp monitoring tool™ by Bocada®, provide comprehensive oversight of various business operations, including backup and storage monitoring, asset handling, inventory management, and workflow management.
  7. Virtual Meetings and Conferences: Virtual meeting and conference software, such as Gmeet, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, facilitate remote collaboration and communication, especially in a world impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Technologies and business: a marriage made in heaven

The world revolves around trade. Look everywhere. Learn history. It was the prehistoric men who invented the wheel for the transport of foods and collectibles to be exchanged. This written language, this number system - all these were invented because keeping records of the trades became necessary. So, it shouldn't be surprising that technology is just another new item on that long list of things that have enhanced business and commerce.

Businessmen are busy people who look for faster and more efficient work. Often, the requirements fairly exceed average human capabilities, and then there is the unavoidable trouble of human errors, which you can't blame too much. Then what's the way? Certainly, using technology in aid of human workers. Digital technology, aka computer, has revolutionised all fields of work. In business, it has been almost an integral part of itself. Because digital technology enables you to facilitate -

  • Faster production rate
  • Instant quality testing and checking
  • Remote control ( particularly helpful in high-risk industries with exposure hazards to human health)
  • All round surveillance and monitoring 

This is why incorporating digital technology isn't a luxury but a necessity.

Essential software solutions that you need today

Accounting and Tax Software

The word computer means the machine which computers. And historically, computers were invented to perform lengthy, complicated calculations at a glance. Every business corporation and small business uses modern software like Tally ERP for bookkeeping and systematically managing tax files. Get something like that, and you'd need a professional accountant trained in digital tools to help you.

Database management

Be it an engineering works factory or just some posh brand that makes luxury t-shirts, every business runs on a massive amount of data. It may be regarding the employees' details, the raw material and power resources, the vital contracts and networks abroad, past year's records, important data regarding shares, licensing, agreements, and signed deals, etc. All these data are widely different, and retrieving some when needed is difficult unless you assort them categorically beforehand. So, database management is vital.

Website building software

Nowadays, you can't make a name without having an online presence first. You will need a dedicated software for the company. Get some tech whiz kids and website building tools like Linktree, wordpress, etc.

Marketing and Public relations 

No business can survive without good marketing and a decent public relations strategy. Usually, most companies have their own PR and marketing team for leveraging connections and networks in this virtual world. Social media is also a popular and really useful medium for this. Graphics designing software and social media management tools can come in handy.

Monitoring tool

The whole business activities are so vast and diverse that it's very difficult to keep track of everything at once unless you use some software solutions for this. 

netapp monitoring tool ™ by Bocada® is such an application that helps you to run the whole operations smoothly as you can keep an eye on everything starting from backup and storage monitoring to the surveillance of entry gate passes, resources, and assets handling, reporting, inventory management and the workflow with a backup facility.

Virtual Meet and Conference Software

The business has gone online since we've been hit with the pandemic. So it's not a surprise that nowadays, most business meets and Conferences are held online, where participants log in from the comfort of their office cabin or home. It's way more efficient than wasting hours commuting and setting up halls just for some formal discussion that can be done over the phone.

Gmeet, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., are bridging the gap.

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