Funnel Hacking & Marketing Funnels - Ed Rich

April 5, 2019

Funnel Hacking & Marketing Funnels - Ed Rich

In today's Fearless Business Podcast episode we interview Ed Rich MBA, self-proclaimed polymath, marketing expert and funnel hacker.

Ed helps coaches who are authors, generate highly qualified leads predictably with distribution of their books and automated webinar events. He does this by building unique customer journeys that are optimised to generate higher customer lifetime value for you. Most coaches author their book thinking that it will generate leads for them. But once they publish it, the books end up waiting for the light of the day in their garage.

Your book is just a vehicle to carry your message from your garage to the hands of your ideal coaching client. A vehicle needs an infrastructure to go from this point to the reader’s hands.

I build this infrastructure, let’s call it a customer journey or marketing funnel, that get this book in the hand of people who are most likely to be your best clients ever. If you are a coach would like to get OVERBOOKED with coaching appointments, Ed invites you to have an "Simplify My Marketing Strategy Session" where we'll go through a diagnosis of your core three pillars and build strategy for the same: - Absolute clarity about your marketing - Finding and keeping your tribe - Creating customer journeys that convert Visit Ed's Website:

Listen to the Full Episode:

Robin Waite · #2 - Ed Rich - Funnel Hacking, Marketing Funnels and Polymaths!

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