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October 18, 2022

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Being stuck in a rut professionally is one of the most hopeless situations you may ever find yourself in. You might be earning a good wage, you can do your job with your hands tied behind your back, and your colleagues are pleasant, but there’s a niggle inside of you screaming that you aren’t fulfilled. This is eight hours of your day when you could be doing something more satisfying with your life. Many people choose to break into the world of entrepreneurship and follow their dreams of working for themselves. Many are able to combine their passion with their desire to make money. Read on to find out how you can do the same.

Find Your Niche

Knowing that you want to break free from the corporate world to go freelance is one thing, but actually turning your dream into a reality is altogether more difficult. Firstly, you need to find your niche. What is it that you can do or provide that no one else is? This is your USP or your unique selling point. You need to provide something original, in a more efficient way or more specialist. There are plenty of accountants out there, but delve deeper, and each one suits a different niche.

If you are a petrol head and love nothing more than tinkering with motors, you might be keen to set up a small garage. Consider what you can specialise in. A person with a VW campervan is more likely to pay a premium and head to a workshop specialising in that particular motor rather than a generic franchised alternative. Head to a site like One Sure Insurance, secure your motor traders insurance, find a premises, seek funding and prepare to trade.

Do Your Research

If there are a dozen or more bakers in your locality, head to their stores and sample their produce, examine their customer service and ask the staff how they find the working environment. Doing a spot of personal market research can help you when forming your own business ideas. If you love nothing more than kneading dough, baking cakes and creating bespoke wedding desserts, then you might be able to hone your baking skills transforming them into a money making venture. Think about your skills and apply them to your business vision.

Secure Funding

The crux of every startup idea is the ability to secure funding. Don’t always head straight to the bank and consider crowdfunding and business angel input instead. These postmodern ways of securing funding can lead to greater business knowledge entering into your boardroom, more specialist acumen having an input into your vision and a more nuanced approach to the development of your business plan. Make sure you are enthusiastic with every pitch that you make and know your figures inside out. People are investing in you as much as your business so create a good first impression.

While it’s all too easy to sit on your hands, manage the boredom and see your bank balance increase, there is more to life than taking the easy route. To feel challenged and fulfilled, consider waving goodbye to your full time job to follow your dreams and become an entrepreneur instead.

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