Going Beyond Traditional PPE

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February 13, 2024

For many industries, lone worker safety is of the utmost importance. Lone workers come in all shapes and sizes; however, what they all have in common is the need for PPE. 

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Key Takeaways on Going Beyond Traditional PPE:

  1. Importance of PPE: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial for various industries, including construction, automotive, healthcare, and more, aiming to minimise exposure to workplace hazards.
  2. Diverse Hazards: PPE addresses hazards such as physical, electrical, mechanical, heat, and chemical exposures, ensuring worker safety in challenging environments.
  3. Lone Worker Safety: For lone workers, the need for PPE is amplified, as they lack the immediate support of colleagues. Basic PPE is essential, but adding Digital PPE enhances safety measures significantly.
  4. Digital PPE Definition: Digital Personal Protective Equipment employs technology to monitor, identify events, and gather locational data for lone workers, bridging communication gaps and proactively preventing accidents.
  5. Becklar's Digital PPE Solution: Becklar offers a comprehensive suite of applications and devices, including the WorkerSafety Pro App, designed to seamlessly integrate with smartphones, Apple Watches, or dedicated devices for robust lone worker safety.
  6. WorkerSafety Pro Benefits: The WorkerSafety Pro App notifies safety managers or emergency contacts in case of worker down detection, monitors temperatures, warns about hazardous weather, provides location data in emergencies, and offers discreet help requests through silent alarms.
  7. Privacy Considerations: Workers can maintain their privacy with WorkerSafety Pro, only triggering signals in emergencies, instilling confidence that their safety is prioritised.
  8. Benefits for Safety Managers: Safety managers gain peace of mind, facilitating check-ins and check-outs for workers entering hazardous environments, and using the app as a group communication tool during emergencies, enhancing overall workforce safety.
  9. Ease of Implementation: The ease of setting up WorkerSafety Pro, its customisability, and the positive impact on employee retention make it a valuable addition to safety protocols.
  10. Reducing Corporate Risk: Implementation of WorkerSafety Pro significantly reduces corporate risk associated with lawsuits and insurance claims, ensuring a safer work environment.
  11. Holistic Approach: Combining traditional PPE with Digital PPE provides a comprehensive defence strategy, ensuring the safety and well-being of both remote and onsite workers.
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What is PPE?

PPE is an acronym for personal protective equipment.The Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines PPE as equipment worn to minimise exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. Some possible hazards may include physical, electrical, mechanical, heat, or chemical.

Many industries require their employees to use PPE. It is essential in industries like construction, automotive, oil, utilities, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food to name a few. Some of the most recognizable safety equipment includes items such as helmets, safety goggles, gloves, safety vests, earplugs, masks, respirators, etc.

PPE is critical for lone workers who don’t have a support system of workers around them. Employees who work alone need as much protection as possible to proactively safeguard them from incidents or accidents.With the right equipment they can perform their jobs more effectively and feel safe. However, basic PPE is no longer sufficient. Adding Digital PPE to the equation results in the safest workers and best possible outcomes in the event of an accident.

A construction worker in a hazardous position
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What is Digital PPE?

Digital Personal Protective Equipment uses technology to bridge the communication gap between lone workers and their workplace. Digital PPE monitors and identifies events, environmental data, and locational information of employees working in high-risk situations or working alone to ensure their safety. It can be used to proactively prevent harmful accidents or injury. It is also used to quickly request assistance in the event of an incident. 

Becklar’s Digital PPE Solution

Becklar provides a comprehensive suite of applications, devices, and services that work seamlessly together resulting in the most robust safety solution available for lone workers today.

Becklar’s premier lone worker safety tool is the WorkerSafety Pro App, which is compatible with the iPhone and Apple Watch. This application covers all the bases when it comes to Digital PPE.

How Does WorkerSafety Pro Help Lone Workers?

The WorkerSafety Pro Application is easy for lone workers to use. The fact that it integrates with their own smartphone, Apple Watch, or other dedicated devices goes a long way with employees, increasing the likelihood that it will be used and embraced. 

WorkerSafety Pro offers many other benefits that workers have come to appreciate:

 In the event of a fall or losing consciousness (worker down detection), safety managers and/or emergency contacts can be automatically notified 

  • Receive notifications about dangerous temperatures to help avoid heat-related illness
  • Receive notices about possible hazardous weather conditions
  • Send reliable location data in the event of an emergency
  • Able to check-in and check-out when entering a potentially dangerous environment
  • Sound a siren alarm if needed
  • Send a silent alarm to discreetly request help

Best of all, employees are able to maintain their privacy, only sending signals in the event of an emergency. And they can work confidently knowing they are fully protected and that their employer has got their back. 

How Does WorkerSafety Pro Help Safety Managers?

Safety managers enjoy peace of mind knowing their employees who are working alone or working remotely in potentially hazardous situations can be notified immediately in the event of an emergency. Managers can also facilitate employee check-ins and check-outs when they know they are going into a dangerous environment. It also provides them with a powerful group communication tool to send group communications in emergencies.

Safety managers have also come to appreciate how easy the WorkSafety Pro App is to set up, its customizability, and improved employee retention. Implementation of this valuable application also greatly reduces corporate risk associated with costly lawsuits and insurance claims.

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The Benefits of Going Beyond Traditional PPE

As you can see, the benefits of adding Digital PPE to your line of defence for lone workers and workers in remote locations are many. Workforce safety isn’t something to take lightly; lone worker safety should be a focal point for every business. The right mix of traditional PPE and digital PPE is the wave of the future. Without the hardworking employees—remote and onsite workers alike—a business would cease to exist. Therefore, making safety a top priority is the most important investment an organisation can make. 

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