Honest Review of SO Cameras AKA Star Cameras - Brighton

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January 25, 2024

This camera gear company appears to be a scam. It's a series of companies where the websites are constantly going up and down. I ordered a Sony Lens worth over £1k, which never materialised. I got a Royal Mail tracking link showing it has never left their premises. After ten days of waiting, I asked for a refund, which they agreed to, and again another 10 days later it's never materialised. They've now instructed me to do a chargeback through my bank, I've a feeling I'll never see the money again now. An absolute scam. They appear to trade under "SO Star Cameras", "Star Cameras" and "Soho Cameras".

It appears I'm not the only one as I found a negative review on Jason Dale's website saying similar things, and various reviews are starting to appear on the company's Facebook page as well.

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Beware you'll unlikely see the items you order or ever see your money again.

I will happily update this review if either of those things change (i.e. the lens or my money appears).

My recommendation is to stick to Wex, Park and the other big players.

Update (20th Jan): I received a phone call from an unknown number, it turned out to be a “Manager”, at 6pm on a Saturday evening, asking me to wait yet another 7 days for the refund to be issued. However, the real motive for the call turned out to strong arm me into removing this review. I said that when I receive my refund, then I’ll update the review so it’s more favourable. At which point the guy got incredibly defensive, very patronising and told me I was threatening him. I had to remind him that as the customer, who had no product and now short of £1,049, I had every right to be angry and my 1* review would stand until they sorted out the refund.

Update (23rd Jan): Still no sign of a refund.

Update (25th Jan): Still no refund, I've just received an email from the company and this is how they chose to start it...

"Dear Robin, As the resolution phone call with a member of our Team was fruitless just degenerated into shouting, frustration and logger heads on both sides and did not really progress the resolution of your refund case/ticket."

Given that they called me on a Saturday evening at 7pm, I thought it was a genuine attempt to repair the situation, so I was calm and measured with my responses, and didn't raise my voice until 15 minutes into the call it became apparent that their real motive wasn't to get me my £1,049 that was owed, but to BULLY me into removing this review.

And now they are choosing to bully me via emails as well despite me being the customer, and I feel I am right justified in being angry, having had £1,049 effectively stolen from me.

In due course I will update with copies of their emails (screenshots) to show their bullying language.

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