How Boston Businesses Can Benefit from Working With Lobbying Firms

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August 9, 2023

American businesses face several challenges that keep them from thriving, despite the country being the land of opportunities. 

Did you know that new legislation can hurt your product or service? Imagine the impact of an unexpected tax increase on your bottom line. Fortunately, you need not leave things to chance when a public policy works against your organisation.

Lobbying emerges as a powerful corporate tactic to influence government policy and regulations threatening your business. It entails public campaigns that give your company a voice against the rules and regulations that may affect your operations and bottom line. 

While lobbying is legal in the US, it continues to be a controversial subject. Nevertheless, statistics show that federal lobbying spending in the first quarter of 2023 topped a staggering $1 billion. 

States like Massachusetts have several lobbying firms, with Boston being home to the biggest ones. That’s because many business owners in the state are willing to lobby against key issues. 

We will explain why collaborating with lobbying firms is beneficial for Boston-based businesses. 

Key Takeaways on Working with Lobbying Firms

  1. Lobbying for Business Success: Discover how lobbying firms can empower Boston businesses to navigate complex regulations and influence government policies, safeguarding their operations and profitability.
  2. Strategic Influence: Leverage lobbying as a strategic tool to voice concerns against legislation that may impact your business negatively, utilising lobbying firms' expertise, connections, and experience.
  3. Expert Communication: Benefit from lobbying firms' specialised communication strategies, including community outreach, media engagement, and digital platforms, to effectively convey your perspective and shape public opinion.
  4. Accelerated Results: With Boston's competitive business landscape and time-sensitive issues, partnering with lobbying firms can yield quicker results, preventing adverse legislative changes that could threaten your business.
  5. A Lifeline for Small Businesses: Even small businesses can wield significant influence through lobbying, aligning with well-established lobbying firms to save time, protect their interests, and contribute to favourable legislative outcomes.
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The State of Lobbying in Massachusetts

Lobbying is big in Massachusetts right now, with the legalisation of sports betting being a burning issue in the state. Massachusetts is the second state to legalise mobile sports betting in 2023, making it one of the states where sportsbooks are legal. During the years before the announcement, some of the leading American companies spent massive sums on Beacon Hill-focused lobbying firms. 

Massachusetts Biotechnology Council is another name that emerges to the forefront, with lobbying spending reaching a huge figure of $135,000 in 2022. TikTok, another big brand, has hired a Massachusetts lobbying firm to deal with the mounting pressure regarding its Chinese ties and data security concerns.

Boston is a city of small businesses, and even a small business here should consider joining hands with a Boston lobbying firm to make a noise against lawmakers. That’s how they can save themselves from regulations that may hurt them in the long haul.

Corry Associates notes business owners must raise a voice for their cause, no matter what their size and goal is. Collaborating with a lobbyist firm can help them with connections and experience to consistently cut through the static. 

Why Should Boston Businesses Consider Working With a Lobbying Firm?

Since Boston has several top lobbying firms, businesses need not stress about falling short of opportunities. But as a small business owner in Boston, you may have valid concerns regarding investing time and effort on the move. Here are a few reasons to consider working with a lobbying firm:

The Experience Advantage

Running a small business means you may not have deep pockets. A change in legislation or tax increase can harm your business sooner than later, so you need to voice your concerns when you see such moves around the corner.

The best way to do it is by partnering with a lobbyist firm with experience working alongside government officials. They may also have robust relationships that aid your lobbying efforts. With their connections, you may end up finding someone sharing similar views on issues and ready to support your voice. 

Strategic Communication

Lobbying is about making your perspective heard amid the noise. Imagine fighting for a small change in Massachusetts legislation that makes a difference to your business but doesn’t affect big brands. You can maximise the results with the strategic communication expertise of a lobbyist firm.

These companies specialise in communication strategies, such as community outreach, capturing media attention, and utilising digital platforms. Implementing these plans successfully can help influence policymakers and get favourable public opinion for your cause.

Faster Results

Massachusetts has over 700,000 small businesses, with Boston specifically having a competitive landscape. Survival is challenging by itself, and a legislature working against your business spells an impending disaster.

Lobbying firms in Boston can help you get results faster and prevent the harmful impact of the changes. It is critical when dealing with a time-sensitive issue, such as a ban on your product or service, because it can kill your business. 

The Bottom Line

Individuals and business owners are more vocal than ever, making lobbying common in the US. Massachusetts is a leading state when it comes to the count of businesses lobbying against regulations. It also has several well-known lobbying firms offering a hand to these companies.

Collaborating with them is a wise move, even more when you run a small business. Every minute matters, and a lobbying firm can help you save time and tilt the legislation in your favour with the right moves. 

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