How Busy Entrepreneurs Can Invest in Ongoing Education

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December 17, 2023

Professional development is essential for everyone looking to achieve their growth potential. Whether you are a fresh job seeker, a seasoned worker, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a successful small business owner, you must prioritise education and skill development. 

A new study shows that 53.7% of working-age American adults earned a college degree or postsecondary credential in 2021. With the country steadily inching toward the 60% attainment goal, young entrepreneurs have tons of inspiration to invest in ongoing education.

 That’s easier said than done because new business owners are always short of time. The constant load of responsibilities leaves no room for anything, including education and professional development.

Fortunately, you can explore ways to pursue continuing education regardless of your busy schedules, provided you are committed enough. Here are some valuable insights busy entrepreneurs can rely on.

Key Takeaways on Investing in Ongoing Education

  1. Entrepreneurial Education Importance: Discover why ongoing education is crucial for entrepreneurs' growth, helping them stay competitive and adaptable in their business ventures.
  2. Mindset Matters: Embrace the value of education and commit to continuous learning, recognising how it can enhance your success as an entrepreneur.
  3. Online Learning Flexibility: Leverage online programs to pursue education without disrupting your busy schedule, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience.
  4. Strategic Choices: Consider specialised programs like an online MBA, which can equip you with skills to effectively manage and grow your business.
  5. Gradual Progress and Networking: Approach education step by step and connect with fellow entrepreneurs for advice, support, and inspiration, amplifying your learning experience.
  6. Direct Application: Apply your newfound knowledge to real-world business challenges, improving various aspects of your entrepreneurial journey.
  7. Online Learning Accessibility: Utilise online programs to overcome time constraints, enabling you to enhance your skills and knowledge as a busy entrepreneur.
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Adopt the Right Mindset

The right mindset is everything when it comes to mastering the balancing act as an entrepreneur. Firstly, you need to accept the significance of education. 

Zippia statistics show that 62% of entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree, and 11% have a master’s degree. You may have heard countless success stories of college dropouts, but the numbers show the hard truth. Education definitely boosts your chances of success, so you must do your bit to gain as much as possible. 

With the right mindset, the road becomes smooth. For example, you feel open to delegating responsibilities and taking time off to make time for professional development once you feel committed to learning. 

Opt for an Online Program

Online education is huge in the US, with public colleges in the country enrolling 8.5 million online students in 2021. The numbers were equally big for private institutions, and they haven’t slowed down even after the pandemic. 

Kettering University notes that online degree programs are ideal for busy professionals and business owners who want to pursue education goals without leaving the workforce.

Master of Business Administration is a relevant choice for graduate entrepreneurs, as it can help them gain skills helping to run their businesses more effectively. An online MBA program with no GMAT required is a perfect match for a business owner running short of bandwidth to prepare and sit for the GMAT exam.

With an online program, you have the flexibility to study according to your schedules and timelines. You need not attend physical classrooms or stick with timetables. You can study after work and during weekends without compromising learning.

Explore the advantages of online learning by considering programs offered by Distance Learning Centre, where the flexibility to study according to your own schedule allows you to pursue education without the constraints of physical classrooms or fixed timetables.

Take One Step at a Time

Online programs are saviours for entrepreneurs looking for ongoing education. But keeping pace with the curriculum might still be challenging with peak seasons, meetings, deadlines, and travel schedules. 

Going back to college may seem overwhelming when you are loaded with responsibilities. The best piece of advice is to take one step at a time, but remember to keep moving.

Choose a flexible program with the provision to start when you want and end at your pace. For example, you may look for a course that enrols students during several intakes every year. Also, ensure that you can complete it according to your convenience. A slow approach makes learning more fruitful and less stressful. To make the adjustment process even easier, look into passive income opportunities for college students online. This will add an additional financial cushion for when you’re focusing on your studies. 

Network With Like-Minded Learners

Ongoing education is trending among entrepreneurs, with more and more business owners looking for entrepreneurship, management, and business degrees. 

You will probably know someone already pursuing a program in one of these fields. Networking with like-minded learners is an excellent idea as you get valuable insights regarding the best programs and colleges from them.

Business owners pursuing their educational goals can set examples that inspire and motivate others. You can find such people in your local business communities or join online forums and online learning platforms to connect with them. The more you communicate with like-minded people on this one, the more aligned you are with your learning goals.

The Bottom Line

Ongoing education can define your success as an entrepreneur in a competitive business domain. Investing in it may be the best decision, no matter how much you need to stretch yourself to handle the time constraints. 

Push yourself hard because education makes you better at your business every day. You can apply your lessons to address real-world challenges at work, whether while dealing with clients, resolving productivity bottlenecks, or managing your workforce.

The good thing is that you can enrol in online programs and study at your schedule and pace. With these courses, you don’t have a reason to miss out on the chance to upgrade your learning and skills simply because you are a busy entrepreneur. 

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