How Can Print Materials Improve Brand Awareness?

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February 21, 2024

In a digital world, we enjoy easy access to a wealth of materials and experiences, but these electronic offerings no longer feel particularly novel. A platform like can complement your print marketing efforts by providing a digital space to showcase your services and connect with potential customers. This integrated approach ensures that your brand remains top of mind, whether your audience prefers the tactile experience of print materials or the convenience of digital access. By comparison, print materials can seem interesting or even sophisticated. From a commercial perspective, these materials function as tangible brand ambassadors, capable of producing a deeply impactful and memorable connection. Done right, print campaigns can deliver an impressive return on investment, attributable to huge improvements in brand awareness and engagement.

Key Takeaways on Improving Brand Awareness Using Print Materials

  1. Print Materials as Tangible Brand Ambassadors: In a digital age, print materials stand out as tangible brand ambassadors that create a memorable connection with consumers.
  2. Attract Attention with Beautiful Design: Well-designed and personalised print materials, such as postcards and flyers, capture attention and feel special amidst email inundation.
  3. Blend Digital and Print for Impact: Combining digital and print strategies enhances brand awareness, making a lasting impression that digital campaigns alone can't achieve.
  4. Build Authentic Connections: Print materials offer an authentic connection due to their tactile nature, making recipients feel more connected, especially when personalised elements are included.
  5. Stronger Emotional Impact: Studies show that physical ads have a stronger emotional impact and are more memorable than digital ads, contributing to better brand recall.
  6. Reinforce Brand Identity: Printed materials reinforce brand identity through consistent visual elements, engendering trust among consumers and clarifying brand values.
  7. Integrate Print and Digital Strategies: Creative strategies like QR codes bridge the gap between print and digital, encouraging engagement and data-driven insights for more effective campaigns.
  8. Versatile Design and Distribution: Print campaigns offer versatility in design and distribution, taking various forms and being distributed through various channels, including events and trade shows.
  9. Enhanced Engagement: Integrating print and digital marketing efforts can enhance engagement, improve targeting, and streamline the commercial printing and marketing processes.
  10. Print's Enduring Appeal: Despite the digital dominance, consumers still appreciate well-crafted print materials, making them a valuable tool in modern marketing.
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Attract Attention

Today’s consumers are, simply put, inundated with emails and notifications. When their inboxes are flooded, they are less inclined to respond to any given campaign. Meanwhile, print stands out, particularly when materials are beautifully designed and clearly personalised. With the right materials and visuals, postcards, flyers or brochures can feel downright special.

A blended approach takes this to the next level, producing an impressive level of brand awareness. This is a great strategy for impactful top-of-funnel marketing and can create a powerful impression that holds strong even after other, purely digital marketing campaigns have been forgotten.

Build a Genuine Connection

Today’s consumers crave authentic connections above all else. While many digital strategies promise to provide this, the tangible nature of print gives it a definite edge. Don’t underestimate the value of touch in the electronic era; it’s why readers so frequently cite a preference for traditional books — and why print-based messaging resonates more deeply. Add personalised elements to the mix, and recipients will no doubt feel compelled to further strengthen their connection.

Simply put, print evokes a different — and more lasting — response. This is evidenced by results from a study that revealed that, because physical ads pack a stronger and more emotional punch than their digital counterparts, customers are more likely to remember them a full week after they are initially viewed. These findings are reinforced by research that suggests that the right retrosplenial cortex, responsible for processing emotional stimuli, lights up when physical mail is observed.

Reinforce Brand Identity

From the logo to the font and, of course, colours and images, printed materials contain a variety of impactful visual elements that resonate with recipients. If these resemble digital designs, they will promote a consistent brand identity that will, in turn, engender trust among consumers. The tone of the print campaign also matters; there should never be any question as to the represented brand's values or vision, which can easily be clarified through elevated print materials.

Integrate Print & Digital Strategies

Print marketing has come a long way in the past few years, and currently, a variety of creative strategies make it easier than ever to integrate multiple mediums to great effect. QR codes, for example, serve as an easy call to action, encouraging leads to take the next step. This is a versatile option that, done right, will convince customers to get involved on social media, sign up for services or even take advantage of exclusive discounts.

Integration can go both ways: Free QR codes and hashtags promote greater online engagement, while digital strategies allow customers or clients to opt in to receive print materials. Data generated via digital solutions can even facilitate more effective print campaigns, as this will reveal which customers are more likely to respond to print — and who needs an extra nudge to produce much-needed conversions. Best of all, these integrated offerings can be outsourced to streamline the full spectrum of commercial printing and digital marketing.

Versatile Design & Distribution

Yes, digital marketing is versatile, but the same can be true of print campaigns. The materials take many forms: invitations, event programs and, of course, standards such as brochures or postcards. Various printing methods also make it easy to differentiate brands: cost-effective digital printing or offset opportunities for exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

This inherent versatility also extends to distribution methods. While print materials are often mailed directly to consumers based on digitally generated data, they can also be distributed during special events or brand activations. Trade shows, packaged orders, point of sale ... the options are endless.

Embrace the Power of Print

Print is here to stay. Despite the digital takeover, consumers retain a clear appreciation for well-crafted print materials. Embrace this opportunity to develop a deeper and more trusting connection that drives results in all stages of the marketing funnel.

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