How To Achieve Mastery in Your Business - Robin Waite

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February 9, 2024

In this episode of The Fearless Business Podcast, host and coach Robin Waite shares his secret to achieving business mastery.

What we will be discussing today

  • How to Master the Process of Being in Business
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Keeping the Faith
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How to Achieve Mastery in Your Business

In this episode of The Fearless Business Podcast, host and coach Robin Waite shares his secret to achieving business mastery.

More often than not Robin witnesses too many business owners switching from relentlessly moving through goals, implementations and courses without having the patience to wait for the end result when things don’t go to plan. This is why Robin believes one of the most fundamental lessons a business owner should learn is Mastery.

Mastery is achieved when you commit to a single course (or course of action) until you have achieved positive results, failed multiple times, and can do the “thing” on autopilot.

How is Mastery Achieved?

Of course, if you try enough things out then eventually one of them is going to work with relatively little effort, it’s the law of averages.

TakeAngry Birds as an example. Rovio built 234 apps before they built Angry Birds, some with a modicum of success but nothing on the scale of Angry Birds. Imagine if they had given up at app number 213…we’d never have seen the multi-billion-dollar franchise of games, videos, and merchandise that we see today.

Or Thomas Edison’s 10,000 experiments before he created the incandescent lightbulb, imagine if he got to 1,113 and thought to himself, “No, this is too hard!”

This is why patience is key when it comes to mastering elements of your business, the best things come to those who wait and work hard for it.

Three Feet From Gold

The concept of being Three Feet From Gold is spoken about at length in Sharon Lechter’s book with the same name and also builds on what Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Rich. Both cite Eddison’s efforts on creating the lightbulb.

Looking at people who have competed in marathons, bungee jumps or climbs. Those who have only done it once will have never experienced the joy and accomplishment you can achieve from doing something even better the second time around.

Granted it’s perhaps not quite as exciting as the first time but Mastery is not exciting.

Mastery is about countless attempts, hours of dull and repetitive practice, multiple failures and heartbreak, injuries, comebacks, starting over again.

It’s just a box-ticking exercise for those that want to do one thing once. Get to the end of doing the thing to cross it off the list and move onto the next challenge.

Mastering Business Growth

Robin implements mastery even when it comes to building his profile as a business owner. A coach once said to him, “Robin, I think I’m a good a coach as you are, but I don’t understand why you are so much more successful than me?”

Robin simply asked

“How many consultations did you run last week?”

“4, maybe the last 12 months! Why how many have you done?”

Robin replied, “In the last 12 months? 150.”

It’s how he enrolled 40+ clients and made close to 6-figures in his first year as a business coach.

This person then asked Robin how he got that many consultations,and he outlined his entire framework for booking clients:

  • He wrote a book (Take Your Shot, Online Business Start-Up)
  • Got 200+ reviews for it
  • Delivered 50+ talks - he didn’t care about how big or small the audience was.
  • Asked for referrals
  • Guested on 20+ podcasts
  • Recorded 100+ videos for my YouTube Channel
  • Puton 12 networking events
  • Ran several boardroom sessions
  • Delivered 4 free seminars for whoever would turn up

Robin did all of this with absolutely no expectations of getting any sales. He just wanted to master the process of raising his profile – something Daniel Priestley talks about in Key Person of Influence.

Everyone he spoke to he offered a consultation to sometimes these were 25 miles away! He drove to them all and delivered as much value as he could, sometimes spending 40 hours a month driving and 40+ hours a month on consultations.

Robin found himself exhausted. But, people trusted in him, his process and therefore invested in his coaching programme.

One person said:

  • Oh my clients drive to me, if they can’t be bothered then neither can I
  • I don’t have time to write a book
  • I hate being in front of the camera
  • People won’t bother leaving reviews, who looks at them anyway
  • I tried to get booked for speaking but all the events were too small, I want conferences to speak at
  • People should be paying to attend my workshops, I’m worth more than “free”

Remember folks.

Be humble, be generous, know your worth!

Mastering The Process

This is the most important step. Take the time to Master the process of being in business.

Robin believes that If you are finding yourself hopping from one thing to the next with no sense of direction you are taking a YOLO approach to life. This means that are relying on pure luck that something, somehow is miraculously going to work out for you.

If a podcast coach tells you a podcast is going to be good for your business, don’t do seven episodes and give up because “podcast don’t work for you”. Robin was on episode 63 of his podcast and was close to giving up. Fortunately, he then got a call from Microsoft and another international pharmaceutical brand to deliver keynote talks at their annual conferences which netted him close to £9,000 in speaker fees.

He’s since pivoted the model on the podcast 100+ episodes in and now has created much better engagement with his audience to the point that he is successfully enrolling clients just from the podcast.


Four Value-Bombs / Takeaways to help you achieve mastery in your business:

  • Mastery – Put in 10,000 hours irrespective of the results you are getting because this is an investment for the future and not for now. Enjoy the process.
  • Mastery – trying just one thing in one area of your business will undoubtedly fail. Trying multiple things concurrently in one area of business means you will eventually win. This layering of things creates a compounding effect which gives you a slight edge.
  • Mastery – You’ve got to be prepared to make mistakes and look stupid to improve and master your craft, how else do you learn otherwise?
  • Mastery – Understanding that there are multiple solutions to tackle a single problem or challenge. Learning and mastering the different solutions takes time, effort, and investment.

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