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October 24, 2022

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Adam is an Ultra High Achiever, Personal Productivity Authority, Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Founder of ‘The Game Changers Experience’.

He currently runs 3 different businesses and enjoys working with business owners and entrepreneurs of small to medium sized companies. Adam is a Former Elite Athlete that trained with Olympic and World Champion Sir Mo Farah for 3 years. He takes the same skill-set that he learned as an elite athlete to teach his clients on how to increase profitability by building purpose led, results orientated and impactful businesses.

He is the author of two books ‘Move it or lose it’ and ‘Fit body fit business’ both written for business owners and teams that want their businesses to excel and to accelerate faster, quicker and become more focused. Teams can achieve their full potential by maximising health, performance and productivity. His third book out October 2021.

Adam has a podcast show called ‘The Game Changers Experience’ sharing tips and insights with business disruptors, thought leaders and athletes. Entwining elite sport with entrepreneurship.

Adam is hugely passionate about helping his clients in growing and scaling their businesses in a fast and strategic way. Tying that with helping people he believes is a great catalyst to creating results and success in life.

What we will be discussing today

  • How to create a gold medal-winning culture
  • Building a tribe that buys
  • The 8th workday
  • Playing the game

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How To Build a Tribe That Buys

In this episode of The Fearless Business Podcast, Robin Waite talks to public speaker, business strategist, and podcast host Adam Strong. In this episode, Adam shares his process for building a tribe and how to get them to invest in your product/service eventually.

Defining a ‘Tribe’

According to Adam, a tribe is different to communities and pockets of people. In essence, tribes are marketeers and advocates for your business. They are people that fully support entrepreneurs for their value and resonate with how it aligns with their own.

You can find tribes both internally and externally. For example, internal tribes can be found within your company, such as team members or ambassadors, whilst external tribes can be found through the likes of social media such as Facebook communities.

Adam believes there are three types of members within a tribe:

  • Torch Bearers - essentially, these are raving fans. They’ll invest in anything and everything that entrepreneurs promote and support them fully.
  • Champions - mutually beneficial arrangements between leaders and members. Working together and collaborating to both give their brands exposure.
  • Ambassadors - people who represent and support your brand but on a deeper level, e.g. they sometimes do work for you.

Collaboration and Relationship Building

The best way to ensure that a tribe is successful is leveraging people from the relationships entrepreneurs have built rather than viewing everyone as competitors.

The key is to put ego aside and instead be patient. Building a strong tribe can take time. In Adam’s case, it took at least a couple of years before he built solid relationships with influential entrepreneurs. He takes his relationship with Marshall Goldsmith as an example. By taking the time over a two-year period to get to know and respect Marshall, Marshall now gets involved with Adam’s summits which he promotes to 1.3 million followers on his LinkedIn.

Of course, building these relationships took a lot of time on Adam’s part, but in terms of the exposure and outreach he gets for his brand, the time taken was absolutely worth it. Ultimately, entrepreneurs need to build a solid foundation within their tribes before they intend to gain any benefits from it. You can’t just go up to people and expect stuff; good things come to those who wait!

Quality Over Quantity

In order to maximise a tribes profitability, Adam advises that entrepreneurs must give back to their tribe members rather than solely focusing on recruiting new ones.

Finding new people to join a new community and/or tribe is exhausting and can take an incredible amount of time and effort. So why not consider building upon the relationships that are already there and get previous clients to reinvest? This can be done through the likes of:

  • New Resources / Programmes
  • Mutual Shoutouts and Promotions
  • Annual Events
  • Checking in and catching up

Keeping clients warm is a sure-fire way of building continuous support for your brand and builds upon profitability as you are increasing the chances of clients reinvesting in your products once more.


Adam’s NEW book “Play The Game” comes out in October!

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