How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Plan For Your Small Business

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October 19, 2023

The right web hosting plan can help small businesses improve their digital impact.

With a host of providers and hosting plans now available, however, it can be challenging for business owners to find their best fit. Here are five questions worth asking.

Key Takeaways on Choosing the Best Small Business Hosting for Your Website:

  1. Types of Hosting: Understand the different hosting options offered by your prospective provider such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated hosting.
  2. Cost Calculation: Ask about the cost structure based on the hosting plan. Shared hosting plans are less expensive but offer limited resources while dedicated plans provide exclusive access to resources at a higher cost. Clarify how costs may fluctuate if resource use changes.
  3. Business Growth: Consider the growth trajectory of your business. If you're anticipating increased traffic (e.g., from a new e-commerce store), choose a provider that lets you scale up resources on demand.
  4. Storage Needs: Ask about the storage provision in each plan and whether it can be upgraded or expanded as required. Considering your data storage needs can help you choose the most suitable plan from the get-go.
  5. Available Features: Look for additional features that may be beneficial to your business such as extra storage, enhanced security, 24/7 monitoring and support, or server control panel access.

By comparing and questioning prospective plans, businesses can find a web host that supports their current digital market operations and prepares them for future growth.

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Finding a Hosting Plan: Five Questions Worth Asking 

It’s easy to sign a hosting plan contract — it’s often more challenging to break this contract if providers can’t deliver what small business owners need. To avoid disappointment, start with these five questions:

1. What Types of Hosting Are Available?

Review the plan offerings from your prospective provider. For example, web hosting companies may offer a variety of options including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated hosting.

2. How Are Costs Calculated?

Costs vary based on hosting plan type. Shared hosting plans are less expensive because resources are shared with other companies on the same server. While no data overlap occurs, there are finite amounts of bandwidth and processing power available.

Dedicated plans, meanwhile, provide exclusive access to resources but come with higher costs. Before committing to a hosting plan, ask about what’s offered, how much it costs and how costs may vary if resource use is scaled up (or down).

3. Where Is Your Business Growing?

Business growth can help pinpoint your best hosting plan option. For example, if you’ve recently implemented an e-commerce store and are seeing an uptick in digital ordering, it’s worth finding a provider with plans that let you scale up resources on demand to meet increased traffic needs.

4. How Much Storage Do You Need?

More data means more storage. Ask providers how much storage is included with each plan type, and if this storage can be upgraded or expanded as needed. Given that many providers include multiple plan tiers, each with different storage provisions, it’s worth finding the best fit the first time.

5. What Features Are Available?

Along with reliable service, sufficient bandwidth and solid website performance, small business owners may also want additional site features. These may include the ability to add more storage or security, the addition of 24/7 monitoring and support or access to server control panels that let businesses optimise site performance.

The Host With the Most

Not all hosting plans are created equal. By taking the time to question, compare and contrast potential plans, small businesses can find web hosts that help them make the most of current digital markets and prepare for future growth.

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