How To Elevate Your Job-Seeking Game

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November 7, 2022

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We all want to get things done instantly. And today, many people capitalise on that need by presenting tempting quick fixes that end up accomplishing far less than they promise.

But there's no quick fix for something like a career path. It takes consistency, staying marketable, improving your connections, and doing a set of little things daily to land your dream job.

So if you’re looking to step up your marketability as a job seeker, here is what you should do.

1. Polish up your CV

Your curriculum vitae (CV or resume) is your ideal marketer and the first contact point between you and recruiters. To stand a chance of landing that wonderful job, your CV must be up to snuff. Investing in ResumeWritingLab Curriculum Vitae writers can help give your CV a professional, polished makeover that appeals to HRMs. They can help buff up the keyword usage and put all the pieces together.

However, your professional resume writer can only polish up your document by working on what you provide. So make it a point to address all your professional achievements and contributions. Don't just have a mental note, as recalling them later can be difficult when bragging to your potential employer. Document every proud thing you do in your previous or current job. Perhaps, you currently have one but desire to move up the career ladder.

Just write out the points and leave it for your resume writer to polish up.

2. Work on improving your network

Physical and online connections are gold when it comes to securing employment. Most job roles are now filled with personal connections and word of mouth without scheduling general interviews. When you acquaint yourself with someone who knows someone who needs your skills, your chances of landing that job will skyrocket.

If you must grow in your career path, invest in quality professional networking. Make acquaintances with people in your industry, no matter how small or big.

It's also important that you make networking a way of life rather than doing it only when you need favours. So, even when you have a job you're satisfied with, continue making acquaintances with colleagues and top personalities. You never know when they may recommend you for something much better.

3. Skill up

Most recruiters now look for people with a penchant for lifelong learning. It would help if you didn't stop at being a chartered accountant. Go ahead and learn the latest tools and programs that are evolving the accounting world if you must stay current.

Find ways to acquire new certificates that would further prove your worth to recruiters. Invest in skill development while job seeking, and you stand a better chance of landing the job of your dreams.

4. Don't wait till you land the job

Imagine this case scenario. You go for a job interview, and your potential employer informs you that the ideal candidate must possess knowledge of a particular software program. You have never heard of such an application, but you're a pretty fast learner, so you made that known to your interviewer. How likely is it for them to hire you because you said you're a fast learner?

Given the fast pace of workspaces these days, employees need people who are already substantially skilled, not those who will need weeks or months to get up to speed.

Recruiters will often put up the necessary skills and software knowledge required in the job description. Take some time to quickly download and learn the basics of such applications before the interview. This will allow you to have something substantial to say about the software other than "I'm a fast learner" during the interview.

Wrapping Up

To elevate your job-seeking game, you must have the right mindset to always be marketable at every point. Grow your network daily, let your resume put you in the best light, and ensure your skills are up to current demand.

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