How to Get Paid What You're Worth

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March 20, 2023

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Figuring out how to get paid what you are worth can be challenging, especially if you feel you are working hard and your efforts are not being rewarded with a decent pay. In most cases, the perfect relationship between job satisfaction and actual income does not exist. The first step for many employees to feel appreciated is pay matching their abilities and skills. Sadly, most have no idea how much they should earn, making it harder to negotiate a salary. If you often feel overworked and underpaid, below are some tips to help you get value for your input at your workplace.

Do an Extensive Research

Always do thorough research before you ask for a pay rise. It is recommended not to base your salary assessment on what you hear from others in your field and line of work.  It is not guaranteed that they will be truthful. Additionally, certifications, skills, experience, and expertise may differ, creating an imbalance. You can find more reliable sources to help you have a concrete basis for your inquiries. You can use available sites online to help you find out your salary range. Consider your knowledge of the industry, years of experience, and skills learned before coming up with a salary range at all times. There's a likelihood of ending up with a salary way below the standards of your industry if you don't do your research well.

Have a Backup plan

Chances are you might not get a straight pass when negotiating your salary. Sometimes we succeed; other times, we don't. But what if we don't? What if the company cannot pay you more? It is, therefore, vital to create a fallback. For instance, you can consider a benefits package such as extra paid vacation, working from home, health insurance, sick leaves, retirement plan, and many more. Don't be fixated on direct payment when you can negotiate for other benefits that give you the flexibility you need.

Seek help from Professionals

Salary negotiation professionals can help direct your career path by helping you get paid what you are worth. The professionals will provide insightful and unbiased opinions and advice. They will also equip you with the right tools to negotiate the salary you deserve. Think of tools such as salary negotiation email templates or phone scripts. Working together with the right coach will go a long way in making you feel confident in your abilities. Additionally, you learn how to leverage that to the pay you deserve by getting the education and skills you need.

Take Your Time

Do not feel the pressure to give an answer or feedback immediately. You probably will need time to think through the choices available. Maybe you wanted more benefits or money and might not be comfortable agreeing to the first offer. You can go ahead and politely ask for more time to think through the bid, but don't take too long while giving it a second thought. Some employers are impatient and may offer another candidate the job. Also, think of a scenario where you lose the job offer. Would you still be content with the initial salary given?

Discuss What You Can Offer

For your desired compensation, prepare a solid argument. Your experience, valuable skills, merit certifications, and achievements will determine this. What can you offer to add more value to the company to justify giving you higher pay? It would be best if you showed beyond doubt that you are an asset to the company and not a liability

Final remarks

As an employee, you're constantly getting better at what you can do, and the needful thing to do is ask for pay that matches the effort, time, and value you give. Your skills are growing, and so should your revenue. Salary negotiations are a part of the business. Do not be embarrassed. Go ahead and ask for what you deserve, and don't let that opportunity go. 

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