How To Give Back to Your Staff As a Small Business

June 22, 2022

How To Give Back to Your Staff As a Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, giving back to your staff can be difficult. While bigger companies can offer things like bonuses and pay rises, it’s not always easy to show your gratitude when you don’t have the financial means. There are ways, however, that you can give back to your staff, and here are just a few examples of how.

1. Further Training

Further training is a benefit you can offer to your staff that can also help your business. When you pay for certain training for your staff members, you are giving them the skills and experience they need to thrive in your industry. Not only is this very useful for them now but it can be a benefit to them if they do eventually move on to another job. Suppose you have a tech business in Indiana. In that case, completing Indiana Engineering PDH ( Professional Development Hours) with 30 credits is necessary for your staff. It should be done every two years to renew their license and enhance their skills. While it may not feel like a perk necessarily, many staff members will be grateful for the opportunity to expand their knowledge in your field of work.

Something like training to learn SQL can be a great thing to offer.

2. Flexible Hours

Flexible hours is a popular perk that is offered by many companies but it’s not just the big businesses that can offer this to their staff.

Offering this type of working, as well as something like remote working, can be a great way to give back to your staff without having to worry about the financial implications. Flexible hours help people achieve more of a work/life balance and can actually make them better workers.

While many of your staff may prefer to work a regular 9-5, having the option can make such a difference.

3. Small Perks

It’s all too easy to think about big gestures when considering offering things to your team but work perks can come in all shapes and sizes. Offering the smallest of perks at work can still let your team know that you appreciate the work they’re doing. If they are working for a small business, they likely are aware that extra money isn’t as easily accessible compared to bigger companies so understand that smaller gestures still mean a lot. Things like free lunch, tea and coffee, free snacks, an early finish on a Friday or work social events are just a few examples of the things that you can do as a boss. The gratitude that something like lunch being paid for can show to your staff can mean a lot to your team members.

Running a small business can be difficult as there is just so much to think about. It often takes years for small businesses to truly get on their feet and even the smallest of financial knocks can really set you back. If you have hard-working staff, though, it’s difficult to balance the urge to give back to them and the desire to save as much as possible. There are, however, so many ways that you can do this that don’t break the bank and the gestures can really be noticed. 

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