How To Hire In-House Lawyers For Your Startup Law Firm

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November 8, 2022

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Starting a law firm is a dream for enterprising lawyers, but it is easier said than done. Being a successful and experienced attorney does not guarantee success. You need to build a team that serves as a solid foundation for your startup. But everyone knows that the American legal landscape is rife with competition. Resources are scarce, and firms often struggle to secure top talent. It can get even more challenging for startups because most professionals prefer to work with established firms. However, you can do your bit to build an in-house team of experts you can rely on. Here are some tips to help startup law firms get the best lawyers on board.

List your requirements

Being a startup, you cannot expect to build a big team right off the ground. It makes sense to start small and pick the resources you absolutely need. Everything boils down to the legal services you plan to provide as a startup. Consider whether you want to offer expertise in corporate, personal injury or family law, or a mix of niches. You may want to begin with a couple of areas and scale down the line. Create a list of requirements before starting with the hiring process.

Collaborate with a recruitment partner

Being a new firm, you may not want to spend on hiring an HR team. Moreover, you may give them only the admin responsibilities rather than the key task of recruiting your core team. You can collaborate with a recruitment partner to access a deeper talent pool and make recruitment effortless. Look for local partners to get the right start. For example, you can tie up with legal recruiters in Phoenix if your startup is located in this area. It is easy to get local resources, though you can broaden your horizons down the line.

Prioritise fresh graduates

Graduates blend well with startup culture because they are willing to invest more effort and extra hours. They also prefer a more flexible workplace, which is a hallmark of new ventures. Moreover, there are good chances they will join on smaller pay packages than seasoned lawyers. It is a good idea to prioritise fresh graduates right out of law school to build your core team. Of course, you may balance their freshness with the experience of a couple of solid resources.

Showcase your offerings

Startup law firms need to go the extra mile to showcase their offerings to potential employees. You may not have highly lucrative compensation for candidates, but try to attract them with perks like a good work-life balance, a flexible environment, and professional development opportunities. It may be too early to build an employer brand, but you can showcase your values and culture on your website. The best lawyers are more likely to join your firm if they can visualise a bright future ahead.

Building an in-house team is the first step to success for a law firm. Follow these tried and tested steps to secure the top talent without a lot of effort.

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