How to Improve Your Career with a Mindfulness Practice

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April 12, 2022

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In the last decade, the word “mindfulness” has taken on a life of its own.

Mindfulness is any type of self-soothing or coping strategy that brings you back to the here and now. It’s particularly useful if your mind tends to wander or suffer from stress and anxiety.

And there’s no better spot to have mindful focus than in the workplace.

This skill will keep you on task, performing your job efficiently, and can even improve the trajectory of your career in the future.

So, how does it all work? What are the benefits of building the habit of mindful focus?

Let’s find out.

Higher Productivity & Attention to Detail

It’s completely normal to find yourself distracted while on the job.

In fact, about 78% of Millenials see their own electronic devices as distractions in the workplace. Another 20% of workers believe distractions hold their careers back.

It’s clear that mindful focus is a necessity when it comes to productivity on the job.

Here’s why:

When you can bring your attention back to the present moment, workplace distractions don’t wreak so much havoc.

Better focus also means improved ability to see the fine details of the tasks at hand.

So, not only are you improving your attention, but you’re also building on your quality of work, and you’ll be more capable of meeting deadlines on time.

This is what every boss is looking for in a skilled worker.

Reduced Stress & Lower Risk of Burnout

Stress may be the worst culprit when it comes to poor efficiency in the workplace.

The American Institute of Stress found that about 80% of workers feel stressed while on the job. About 25% of people see work as the worst source of stress in their lives.

Mindful focus can help you to temporarily clear the stress from your mind, even if it’s your job that’s causing the pressure in the first place.

These tactics can help you ease your mind, clear ruminating thoughts, and even improve your mood.

The stress will motivate you instead of holding you back.

In terms of your career, the benefits may be even more substantial. A study found that mindful focus can actually lower your risk of burnout while on the job.

Less burnout means a more significant commitment to your line of work. You look forward to going to the office each and every day because you genuinely enjoy what you do!

This can help you give even more effort while on the job and guarantee promotion in the future.

Better Relationships With Colleagues

Many overlook their relationship with their colleagues as a major part of their job responsibilities.

Mindful focus and being able to keep an open mind can do wonders for this area.

For example, you’ll be much more receptive to the ideas and opinions of your coworkers. You can approach conversations more delicately and react logically.

Instead of pursuing a purely emotional reaction, you can respond with thought. A great relationship with your colleagues means the team thrives as a whole.

Perhaps most important is the impact this may have on your own self-awareness.

Take a step back and view the entire picture. This gives you the chance to acknowledge your mistakes and turn your weaknesses into strengths.

This is a must-have since it shows your desire to improve yourself continually.

Can Handle More Complicated Tasks

It’s safe to say that your career will never advance if you remain stagnant in it.

Having greater mindful focus means that you’re less likely to become distracted or multi-task on the job. Surprisingly, multi-tasking does more harm than good.

What you may not know is that mindful focus means you can handle more.

You’ll be able to accept more responsibility without such a severe reaction from your psyche and your mind. This can help to build resilience and dedication.

So, mindful focus helps to set you up for advancement in your career as well.

When you’re able to handle a heavier workload without losing efficiency, you’re proving yourself to be a great candidate for a better position.

Improved Confidence in Your Abilities

No doubt, maintaining focus is excellent for productivity.

But it seems that mindful focus can also help you build confidence in your abilities within the workplace.

Consistent mindful focus means more confidence in your intelligence.

With that, you’re much more likely to offer ideas or constructive criticism without the fear of judgement from your boss or colleagues.

This can make you a great team player in the office. It also helps to show that you possess leadership qualities and feel confident that you’re the right one for the job.

On another note, greater confidence might help to trigger creativity.

This is especially important if you’re in a career that’s continuously advancing or looking for new ideas.

How to Build Mindful Focus

Now that you know mindful focus can be useful for your career, it’s time to learn how you can actually build it.

Here are some tips for how you can do that:

  • Get rid of distractions at the workplace (i.e., Your cell phone, music, knick-knacks on your desk, etc.).
  • Eat a healthy diet, exercise, and get enough sleep to build a healthy body.
  • Learn to be aware of your thoughts and bring yourself back to the present when you notice a deviation.
  • Avoid multi-tasking and focus on one single task at a time.

Keep in mind that mindful focus isn’t something that you build overnight. There’s a learning curve to this concept, and it may take months or years to notice progress.


It’s easy to just “remind” yourself to focus while at work. The problem is that severe stress and anxiety make refocusing just about impossible.

That’s why practicing mindfulness techniques is so beneficial.

Over time, you should notice that your stress is less severe. You can focus better on the tasks you’re doing, and see the whole picture instead of merely your stressors.

In the long run, you’re more likely to advance your career and earn a promotion.

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