How To Increase Your Conversion Rate

20 Jul 2018

In March, don’t shoot me for this as coaches are not immune to stupidity, I worked out I’d spent 40 hours delivering free consultations and 37 hours travelling to said consultations.

Like I said, I’m not immune to stupidity!


With this information, I gave up on coaching part time and being bloody exhausted, and moved to working smarter not harder.

Thing #1 Happened

Reduced my 90-minute “consultation” down to a 30-minute Diagnostic Call.

Hey presto, I can do 3 times as many, and don’t have to travel!!

“Why didn’t you do this before?!” I hear you cry. Well a) I’m stupid and b) I used to do short calls, drifted into longer consults, and now I’ve gone back to shorter.

Thing #2 Happened

During shorter diagnostic calls, I get to the root of the problem quicker, don’t start educating prospects (that happens during coaching duh!) and...I stared pitching higher-ticket coaching programs.

Given that I was clearer on my prospects’ problems it made it easier to recommend a coaching programme with conviction.

As opposed to half solving prospects’ problems during a longer consultation.

Thing #3 Happened

My conversion rate went up from 1 in 5 to 1 in 3. Boom!!

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