How to Keep Your Team Aligned With Your Digital Marketing Efforts

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March 13, 2023

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Whether you want to increase eCommerce sales during the holidays or improve your overall marketing efforts, it’s impossible to get the most out of your campaigns without teamwork. In fact, misalignment just between sales and marketing teams costs companies over $1 trillion

For companies that do align effectively, there are massive increases in average growth. You’ll instantly see a 20% increase in annual revenue rather than a 4% decline found in other teams. 

However, your ability to keep your team aligned starts with you. Are your employees taking your company goals or values into account when creating campaigns? Are there signs of a toxic work culture buried underneath missed deadlines? If so, you and your team can start there.

5 Ways to Keep Your Team Aligned With Your Marketing Goals 

In-office and remote teams alike can collaborate effectively if they have a strong leader and consistent workplace policies. 

Here are 5 ways to keep your team aligned with your goals.

1. Consider Hiring a Digital Marketing Manager or Director

Business owners and entrepreneurs wear many hats, which can make them lose sight of their personal and professional goals. If you’re currently in charge of marketing but you don’t have the time or expertise to make effective campaigns, hire the right digital marketing director.

A digital marketing director can do everything from email campaigns to public relations, and they can even research your marketing niche. With one of these professionals at the helm, you won’t have to worry about increasing brand awareness, managing marketing teams, or keeping up with trends yourself. A great marketing director can align your workforce under one vision. 

2. Review Workplace Conditions and Professional Goals

A positive and healthy work environment is essential if you want to boost employee retention, morale, and productivity. If your employees are completely disconnected from work because workplace conditions are suffering, they won’t feel motivated to try harder than they have to.

Employees need feedback, benefits, fair wages, work-life balance, and low stress to thrive at work. You should also find out your employee’s individual goals and align them with your own. But first, you need to know what you want. What do you want to see at the end of campaigns?

The answer to that will depend on your professional goals. Once you know what they are, you can apply relevant metrics to your content marketing, SEO, and other marketing initiatives.

3. Promote Positive Collaboration and Active Listening 

Teams can’t operate without consistent collaboration, discussions, and the sharing of mutual knowledge. Weekly meetings can help get the ball rolling, but they aren’t enough. You need to build collaboration into your business’s foundation and reject unhealthy competition right away. 

The best thing to do is set goals based on how your competition is fairing. For example, if a competitor hits 2000 website views a day, ask your staff to aim for 2001. It’s much easier to align teams when they aren’t fighting amongst each other for rewards, promotions, or benefits.

But above all, make sure you listen to your workers. Teams should be allowed to brainstorm their thoughts and look for creative solutions to challenges, as this motivates them to work hard.

4. Use Effective Sales Enablement Tools and Software

One reason why employees fail to stay aligned with digital marketing goals is a lack of visibility. If marketers don’t know what they should promote or when, the entire campaign falls apart. 

Too often, digital marketing tasks are siloed. Digital marketing tools can break them apart and turn them into individual tasks, which helps them keep track of deliverables and deadlines.

Your organisation will need a mix of social media, email, SEO, conversion optimisation, lead enrichment, landing page, lead capture, and graphic creation tools. You can integrate them with project management dashboards, like, to make sure everyone stays in the loop.

5. Encourage Team Members to Share Information Online

The majority of your prospects are active on social media, so it makes sense to turn your employees into influencers. With proper training, you can allow your teams to post original content. For now, they can share your own brand-focused media on their personal accounts. 

When your teams are constantly exposed to your message and relevant media, they’re more likely to pay attention. This makes them more aware of your business’s marketing goals. 

Your marketing goals should include developing relationships, building trust, and driving sales. Employees can act as branding ambassadors that help on-the-fence customers make the right choice. Plus, engaged employees attract other high-quality talent and decrease turnover.

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