How To Maintain Workplace Hygiene and Cleanliness

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May 20, 2024

Productivity is key for a successful workplace, but it's hard for employees to be productive when they get sick. Keeping a clean and hygienic workplace is one of the key steps in preventing a cold and flu from making its way around the workplace.

A clean workplace is also more appealing. It gives off a professional atmosphere which can help the business make a good impression on new people who walk through the doors.

Today, we're going to talk about some of our top tips for maintaining a clean and hygienic workplace.

Key Takeaways on Workplace Hygeine and Cleanliness:

  • It Takes a Team: Maintaining a clean workplace requires collective effort. Ensure all staff members understand the importance of hygiene practices like frequent handwashing and cleaning their personal workspace. Consider updating company guidelines and ensuring all employees are aware of and adhere to them.
  • Keep a Clean and Stocked Bathroom: A well-maintained bathroom is essential for workplace hygiene. Ensure it's stocked with essentials like hand soap, paper towels, and hand sanitiser. Assign a responsible employee to monitor inventory levels.
  • Keep Essential Cleaning Products Stocked: High-traffic areas, such as desks, doorknobs, and customer counters, need regular cleaning. Ensure employees have easy access to necessary cleaning products to maintain these areas.
  • Professional Deep Cleaning Services: While daily cleaning can be managed by employees, deep cleaning requires professionals. Consider hiring services like PHS Interclean for thorough cleaning, targeting all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Inform Employees of the Importance of Sick Days: Encourage employees to take sick days when unwell to prevent the spread of illnesses. Ensure they understand the importance of staying home when sick and consider offering paid sick days to support this.
  • Address Problems Quickly: In light of heightened awareness post-COVID-19, address any hygiene or cleanliness issues promptly. If an employee's habits are problematic, address the concern privately and constructively.

Maintaining workplace hygiene is crucial for the health of employees and the overall productivity of the business. Taking proactive steps and fostering a culture of cleanliness can lead to a safer and more efficient work environment.

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It Takes a Team

In order to keep a clean and hygienic workplace, everyone needs to be on the same page. There will be certain things that you will expect of your staff, such as frequent handwashing and cleaning their personal workspace. You may need to make changes to the company guidelines to ensure workplace hygiene is taken seriously and the area remains clean.

To make sure everyone knows what is expected of them, it's recommended to hold a company meeting or send out written guidelines and ensure every employee signs the guideline when they have finished reading it.

If you find that your current staff isn't adequately trained or you're looking to expand your team with individuals who understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment, consider reaching out to hire a reputable staffing agency such as First Class Workforce. They can help identify candidates who prioritise hygiene and are well-versed in industry standards.

Keep a Clean and Stocked Bathroom

To make sureyour employees stay clean while they are in the workplace, it's important tokeep a well-stocked bathroom. Make sure all the necessities are there, such ashand soap, paper towels, and even hand sanitiser. Put a trusted employee incharge of keeping track of inventory so you know when a restock is needed. Thisway there will be no excuse for poor hygiene.

Keep Essential Cleaning Products Stocked

There are many high-traffic areas in each workplace that need to be wiped down regularly. For Example, if your employees work at a desk, they will need to wipe down their desk, mouse, and keyboard daily. Doorknobs, customer counters, and other high-traffic areas all need to be cleaned several times a day. This is why it's important to make sure employees always have access to the products they need.

Professional Deep Cleaning Services

While your employees will be able to manage to wipe down the high-traffic surface daily as needed, deep cleaning the workplace is a different story. Hiring a professional janitorial services company for deep cleaning services is the easiest way to ensure the workplace stays clean.

PHS Interclean, for example, will be able to clean all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas that the employees don't have time to deal with.

Having a professional cleaner come to the workplace weekly or bi-weekly can make a great difference when it comes to managing the cleanliness of the space.

Inform Employees of the Importance of Sick Days

Many employees will come into the workplace when they are sick because they feel like they will be looked down upon if they stay home. This can be very challenging if there are other employees in the workplace who will make them feel as though their sick day held the whole team back.

When an employee is sick, they are not bringing their A game to the workplace. Taking a day or two to rest and get better can actually do better for their performance than making them come in when they are ill. It's also important to keep in mind that when a sick person comes to the workplace, they bring a lot of germs with them.

Make sure every employee is aware of why they need to stay home when they are sick. If The employees currently get no pay on their sick days, it is a good time to think about changing that if you are serious about keeping the workplace hygienic.

Address Problems Quickly

The COVID-19pandemic has changed the way that many managers view workplace hygiene and cleanliness. People are now more aware of what actions need to be taken to ensure the workplace is clean and healthy with professional disinfection services. If you notice that there is an issue with a team member's hygiene habits or how they are managing the cleanliness of their work area, address the problem right away.

Some people aren't aware that they are making a mistake, so it's important to inform them of what they are doing and how they can improve their habits. However, make sure you address the employee privately so they don't feel embarrassed. 

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