How to Pass SHL Test: 6 Top Tips and Key Tactics

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October 20, 2022

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If you are applying for graduate-level jobs, chances are you will encounter an SHL test. Several major companies, particularly in the UK, use these tests to seek and develop talent. SHL tests can be challenging, and this is intentional. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to pass SHL tests, as is discussed below.

What are SHL Tests?

SHL is one of the pioneers when it comes to online psychometric testing. SHL tests are aptitude tests used in the recruitment process to evaluate an individual’s ability in a vital competency for a job position.

Typically, employers ask prospective employees to take one or more SHL tests electronically during the recruitment process. They then use the results of the tests to decide whether or not to invite the candidates for an interview.

Also, applicants that pass the initial tests may be asked to take further SHL tests, and the results will be compared with the initial results. SHL tests compromise several assessment categories, including cognitive ability, behavior, and personality.

Usually, different SHL tests have specific time limits, except for the situational judgment test. Overall, one can take one hour or less to complete the tests.

How are SHL Tests Scored?

The SHL test results for each candidate are usually compared with a reference group or norm group. The group comprises people with similar characteristics, including age, education, nationality, and more.

For applicants to move to the next stage of the selection process, they need to achieve a higher score than the average score recorded by other people within the reference group. Generally, a percentile score ranging between 73 and 90 is regarded as above average, while a score of 92 to 99 is above average.

Top Tips to Prepare for SHL Test

Wondering how to pass the SHL test? Here are some effective tips for you.

1. Practice

We cannot emphasize how important it is to practice SHL tests. How you practice can determine whether or not you will get the job. You are more likely to be frustrated if you take the aptitude tests for the first time without tailored preparation and practice.

There are numerous online resources with SHL practice tests to help you become familiar with the type of questions, the approach, and the time limits. Prepterminal’s shl practice covers numerous topics to give you the best method to solve the problems to increase your score in the SHL test.

2. Research

Before you apply for an SHL test, ensure that you research the different SHL tests and determine which you will be taking. This way, you will be adequately prepared for the specific test you will be taking.

Additionally, it is crucial to research the company you are applying for. This helps you to find a role that is best suited for you and shows the employer that you are dedicated and interested in the position.

3. Establish a Practice Routine

While practice is essential in the process, you won’t achieve much if you lack a solid routine. This is because SHL tests are aimed at measuring your maximum ability. Schedule your practice routine depending on when you are most energized and alert. If you focus better in the morning, ensure you create a practice routine at this time.

4. Brush Up Your Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Skills

Most employers set numerical and verbal reasoning skills when looking for candidates with excellent communication and numeracy skills. Therefore, it helps to practice these tests as much as possible to boost your confidence when you get to the actual test.

5. Time Management

If you want to ace your SHL test, you need to know how to manage your time effectively since the test is timed. That is why it is vital to practice relevant questions, as this will teach you to time yourself. A good tip is to begin with more straightforward questions first and then tackle the hard questions later.

6. Learn from Your Mistakes

Don’t be afraid to fail, as this is a learning opportunity. It helps to learn from your mistakes and develop ways to avoid them in the future.


After doing all you can to prepare for the SHL test, what is left is to remain calm and confident. Don’t panic if you find the tests hard because it is the score relative to your reference group that counts. Don’t forget to work on your speed to ace the exam in good time.

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