How To Prevent Employees From Getting Injured At Work

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March 13, 2023

How To Prevent Employees From Getting Injured At Work
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Regardless of where you work or what industry you work in, there will always be a chance for employees to get injured on your premises. Yes, even if you work at a desk in an office, employees can hurt themselves. 

Unfortunately, if someone gets injured on your business premises, you are liable. In simple terms, that individual - in this case, an employee - can sue you for compensation to cover things like medical bills, etc. 

As you can see, it’s crucial to prevent injuries to employees at work. How do you do this? Let’s explore some ideas…

Provide proper training

No matter where you work, you must train your employees correctly. Teach them how to use the different things in your workplace, so there’s a lower chance they’ll incorrectly use them and injure themselves. In a factory setting, this means teaching people how to use machines without getting injured. In an office setting, you could train employees how to pick things up from the floor correctly without damaging their backs. You’ll be amazed at how many injuries occur at work because an employee did something wrong, which could’ve been prevented if they were trained. 

Limit the physical load 

In jobs that demand a lot of picking things up and moving them around, try to limit the physical load placed on your employees. For instance, if you run a retail business and your staff will move around products and restock shelves, this is hugely physically demanding and can result in injuries. Using things like a Crown pallet jack will let them load items onto a machine that bears the load for them. Simple ideas like this will limit the physical load and prevent a lot of common injuries - such as muscle strains or sprains. In a warehouse, having forklifts to lift things up instead of physically lifting them up will also limit the physical load and reduce injuries. Do you get the idea here? 

Keep your workplace tidy

Too many injuries at work stem from an untidy workplace. Simple things can cause accidents that lead to really serious injuries. For example, an office seems like a pretty safe place to work - you’d probably be surprised if someone got injured here. However, a messy office with cables lying on the floor by desks is suddenly a danger zone. All it takes is for one person to trip over a wire and bang their head on the desk/floor and you have a major injury at work. Even dusty floors can be hazardous, making it easier for people to slip and fall. Keep your workplace clean & tidy and you shouldn’t have to worry about these sorts of injuries anymore.

These three steps will help you prevent employee injuries in your workplace. As a result, there should be less chance of anyone trying to sue you for compensation. Injury lawsuits are always bad, especially when they come from your employees. It creates a nasty dynamic at work, which is hard to recover from. So, do whatever you can to stop your employees from getting injured.

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