How to Ramp up Customer Experience in Healthcare

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September 18, 2023

Customer experience deals with how customers perceive their interactions with your business. A successful user experience strategy is one whose chief focus is the customer’s point of view. Quality customer experience is a sine qua non for business success. And nowhere is that truer than in the healthcare sector. The last thing a devastated patient needs is to feel like they are not receiving the care they deserve. Not at a time when they are feeling vulnerable and would appreciate feeling like their health is more than just a transaction. Top-tier educated physicians and highly skilled nurses mean little for a healthcare business if the patients do not recognise you as someone that promises outstanding customer service. Here are some tips to help you ramp up customer experience in healthcare:

Key Takeaways on Improving Customer Experience in Healthcare:

  1. Maximise the first impression: Be empathic and ensure all patients experience a caring human touch to create a positive first impression.
  2. Save time by automating your systems: Use digital tablets and automation to streamline form-filling and save patients' time.
  3. Make the most of chatbots to improve communication: Use chatbots for reminders, scheduling appointments, and managing repetitive tasks, freeing up staff to focus on other essential aspects of customer experience.
  4. Be transparent: Build trust with patients by being transparent in pricing and procedures, avoiding unexpected bills and surprises.
  5. Train your staff: Ensure employees are well-trained in both technical and people skills to provide excellent customer experience.
  6. Work on your complaint resolution: Implement faster conflict resolution to address customer concerns promptly and foster loyalty.
  7. Use technology: Integrate technology, such as IoT-enabled devices, artificial intelligence, and virtual networks, to enhance customer experience and save time and money.
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Maximise the first impression

Most people tend to be a ball of nerves when visiting healthcare facilities. Try to alleviate their initial fears and assuage their anxieties by being empathic. A patient that experiences politeness and empathy will be sure to be back whenever they have any issue. Ensuring that all patients visiting your facility experience a caring human touch is a surefire way to take your customer experience to the next level.

Save time by automating your systems

No one wants to spend all their time filing endless duplicate paperwork when all they want is a simple word with their health practitioner. The process of filling multiple files is not only tedious but also time-consuming. Save money and paper while building a positive customer experience by automating your form-filling systems. Opt for digital tablets that send data automatically to the doctor so that patients do not have to go over their personal details and medical history every time they visit the facility. You will be making significant savings while improving the customer experience.

Make the most of chatbots to improve communication

Communication is an essential aspect of quality customer experience in the healthcare sector. It is especially crucial because of the stress endemic to healthcare environments. Patients love it when they feel that the facility and staff sympathise with their concerns. They will also appreciate clear communication in times when overflowing appointments cause disruptions to the planned schedules. Streamline communication by making the most of chatbots. They are a reliable way to give reminders, schedule appointments and get on top of repetitive tasks. That will free up human resources to prioritise other crucial aspects that constitute excellent customer experience.

Be transparent

Patients will not return to a facility they feel is trying to fleece them of their hard-earned money in their time of need. Unexpected bills and procedures not preceded with adequate communication shake the credibility of your facility. Trust is the crux of healthcare. Do all in your power to build it with your audience. Otherwise, your target audience will waste no time shifting allegiance to the competition. Not only will trust boost your customer experience, but it is also an essential part of compliance. Ask yourself, is your health plan ready for price transparency in healthcare? Are you transparent in all your undertakings? Transparency builds your credibility that results in customer satisfaction which breeds loyalty.

Implementing push notifications in your product or service can significantly increase your users’ engagement. You can help your users meet their goals by simply reminding them to take their medicines, order prescriptions, or perform exercises on time.

Train your staff

The team you onboard in your healthcare facility can make or break your customer experience. Skilled employees play a significant role in user experience. Patients will interact with your staff and build their perspectives based on interactions with the employees. Be sure to train your employees on the technical aspects and also the necessary people skills. Educate them on the best way to extend empathy and a human touch to vulnerable customers who want nothing more than to get better.

Work on your complaint resolution

Complaints are typical for most businesses. That said, they call for more urgency in the healthcare setting. It is easy for customers to get anxious and frustrated if they feel like you are not giving their concerns the weight they deserve. Improve user experience by implementing faster conflict resolution. That will promote the loyalty that your business needs to thrive. 

Utilise technology

Technology has been a saviour to many industries globally. The same is the case for the healthcare department. Integrate technology to build systems that will save time and enhance customer experience. Incorporate technology like IoT-enabled fitness bands and smartwatches to make it easier to track patient activity levels remotely. Artificial intelligence is also an excellent approach for enhancing customer experience in your organisation. For example, advancements in health or hospice software helps in billing, scheduling and other logistics, saving you and your patients time and money. Another technology you could consider is virtual networks. It will make it easier to upload customer data to the system and share it with other professionals in different locations.

Advancements in healthcare charting software, such as billing, scheduling, and other logistics, can save you and your patients time and money. Another technology worth considering is a virtual telemedicine application platform, which will make it easier to upload customer data to the system and share it with other professionals in different locations.


Any stakeholder in the service industry should make customer satisfaction a priority. Customer experience takes even more meaning in the healthcare department. A significant part is maintaining positive human social interaction with everyone walking through your doors. Remarkable customer experience will take your organisation to the next level and set you apart from the competition.

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