How Your Packaging Design Is Essential to Marketing Your Brand

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January 26, 2024

The design on a product’s packaging is more than just a design—it’s an extension of everything a brand stands for. People can tell a lot from the packaging of a product. The imagery, the text, the subtle messages. And seeing as people are bombarded with new products that continue to fill the shelves of physical and online stores, which brand they choose has a lot to do with the first glimpse they get and the subtle message they glean from designs on product packaging.

If you’re a brand that wants to consistently be one of the people’s chosen few, you ought to pay great attention to detail when it comes to how you market yourself with your packaging design. Each word, image and packaging type, such as using unique plastic pouches or choosing creative rigid boxes over boring boxes, communicates a lot about your brand. Successful brands pay close attention to every detail. And they’re willing to try different packaging designs to find what markets them the best.

In this article, we’re going to delve into how your packaging design is essential to marketing your brand.

Key Takeaways on Packaging Design and Marketing Your Brand:

  1. Importance of Packaging Design: Product packaging is a significant extension of a brand. It communicates the brand's values and identity. The first impression consumers get from a product often comes from its packaging, influencing their purchasing decisions.
  2. Unique Brand Style: Packaging design is an opportunity to showcase a brand's unique style and enhance its recognisability. Successful brands, like Apple, are instantly recognisable from their product packaging. Every element, from imagery to fonts and packaging material, contributes to a cohesive brand style.
  3. Brand Storytelling: Packaging design can tell a brand's story. Through the use of imagery, slogans, or quick biographies, brands can use packaging to highlight what sets them apart from the competition and demonstrate their unique value.
  4. Sensory Engagement: Great packaging design is a sensory experience that can engage sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste. Brands can leverage this to entice customers and increase the appeal of their products.
  5. Brand Recall and Logo Use: Including a logo on packaging can enhance brand recall and recognisability. Over time, consumers can instantly recognise the brand by its logo. A well-thought-out logo tells a brand story and showcases its creativity.
  6. Innovation and Creativity: Brands are encouraged to explore different packaging designs and materials, and experiment with various methods of enticing people through packaging design, in order to best represent their unique identity and values.
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Packaging design should showcase your unique brand style

The best in marketing their brand know packaging design is a great opportunity to showcase their unique brand style. Why is brand style so important? Simply put, recognisability. The world recognises Apple by the design they implement on all their products and product packaging. So too should you want people to recognise your brand as soon as they see a piece of your unique product packaging design.

An essential part of great branding is standing out. Everything from the imagery, the fonts and the packaging material should be stamped across your product packaging designs. Perhaps you’re a brand specialising in dog food treats and need special plastic pouch packaging that keeps the food fresh and is biodegradable, showing your care for the environment. Or maybe you’re in the arts and crafts and are passionate about beautiful imagery that’s important to your brand image. Whatever the case, use packaging design as an opportunity to showcase your unique brand style.

While considering the material and design for your packaging, it is also essential to keep in mind the specific requirements of e-commerce products, which might be different from retail products. To delve deeper into creating the perfect packaging for ecommerce products, you can refer to this comprehensive guide that offers insights and tips on designing packaging that not only protects your product but also resonates with your brand style.

Tell your brand’s story with tailored packaging design

Your packaging design is also a way to tell your brand’s story. An image says a thousand words. And capturing your brand ethos with the right words in the way of a slogan or a quick biography are great ways to market your brand through packaging design.

What is it that separates you from your competition? What makes you unique? What is it you pay special attention to and do better than the rest? Your product packaging design is a powerful means of communication—so tell the world what’s great about your brand with authentic packaging design.

Entice people with powerful packaging design

We mentioned earlier how people are quick to choose one brand over another based on appearances. Another perhaps even more powerful way to choose your product over your competition is by enticing people with powerful packaging design. More specifically, you can effectively market your brand by capitalising on the fact that great packaging design is more than just imagery - it’s a sensory experience.

Enticing, powerful packaging design entices us through engaging our sight, touch, sound and possibly smell and taste. For example, you can smell Benedict’s dark chocolate mints through the plastic wrapper, creating a powerfully engaging sensory experience that’s sure to make every dark chocolate mint lover throw the box into their shopping basket without second thoughts.

In regards to enticing through packaging design, powerful imagery and beautiful packaging material that feels pleasurable on touch are just two potential methods of enticing people through powerful packaging design. Get creative and tailor it to match your brand.

Of course this tailored approach doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. It’s just a case of knowing where to focus your packaging budget for optimal impact. For instance, you could order wholesale joint tubes for your preroll product line-up, keeping costs down for the materials, while putting all of your efforts into wowing customers with eye-popping visual design on the custom labels you commission.

Induce brand recall by stamping your logo on your packaging design.

One of the most exciting aspects of brand packaging design is including your logo. Every brand wants to include its own seal of approval. You can stamp it anywhere using personalised stamps that you can get from online stores like Zen Engravings. The mark that sets them apart. A logo is another strong form of brand recognisability. With enough marketing spread and over a long enough period of time, your logo on the front of all your packaging designs can induce brand recall in all those that see it. In other words, you can become instantly recognisable - a powerful aspect of brand marketing.

The logo needs to be well-thought-out, however. It can’t be anything. Your logo encaptures who you are. It tells your brand story. And it’s an opportunity to show your creativity. One of the best things about designing a logo is that, unlike text, you should be able to include it in any sort of packaging design. Large, medium or small, glass bottles, organic wood boxes or plastic pouches. Whatever you use, you should be able to find a place to stamp your unique logo on your packaging design for your products for all to see.

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