I Just Spent $15000 on a Domain Name - Robin Waite

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October 19, 2022

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In this episode of The Fearless Business Podcast, host and coach Robin Waite reveals why he just spent $15,000 on a domain name. Of course, the name will remain secret for now but throughout the show, Robin advises listeners on developing courses and software as a coach and how to stay grounded.

What we will be discussing today

  • Why Robin Spent $15,000 on a Domain Name
  • Developing Apps, Software and Courses as a Business Coach
  • Why Coaches Should Put Their Client First Then Profit

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I Just Spent $15000 on a Domain Name

In this episode of The Fearless Business Podcast, Robin Waite reveals why he spent such a large amount of money on a domain name and explains to listeners why large investments can be worthwhile in their businesses.

So, Why Did Robin Spend So Much Money?

When it comes to building his coaching resources and programmes, Robin operates with a ‘client before money’ mindset. Since launching Fearless back in 2016, this is Robin’s biggest financial investment yet! Of course, the domain and app name will be kept secret for now, but Robin believes in time that this resource will prove highly valuable for both himself and his clients.

Robin argues that coaches shouldn’t work in the industry if their sole intention is to make money off their clients. Instead, coaches should have a strong amount of empathy which means they prioritise their customers experience over everything.

How To Help Clients Achieve Consistent Results

Last month it was revealed that on average, about 11.4 per cent of all courses involved within coaching programmes are completed by clients. Robin is firmly against this and works hard to hold his clients accountable and ensure that they complete the courses involved within Fearless to the best of their ability.

At Fearless, Robin’s client success rate currently stands at over 90 per cent. To increase his client’s chances of success, Robin implements two tactics within his coaching programme:

1. Including Milestones

Milestones are a great indicator of progress for both coaches and their clients. By including milestones, coaches can guarantee that they gain the results they wish to achieve if their clients reach all their milestones. Conversely, the coach can justify their lack of development without clients hitting their milestones as they haven’t put in the work necessary to achieve them. It also gives the coaches an objective point of view as to what parts of their programme clients are flourishing in and what parts they aren’t.

2. Having Several Touchpoints

Robin prefers to call his touchpoints “friendly nudges” by this, he means having routine reminders which hold his clients accountable. Typically, Robin implements these through email, although it must be highlighted that not every client will find this motivating. To make touchpoints appear like a friendly nudge rather than a spam of notifications, Robin recommends making your touchpoints as personal as possible. For example, if a client hasn’t completed a course, Robin advises coaches to create a reminder that outlines specific parts of the system that might be more relevant to them. By doing this, clients will then be able to prioritise elements within the programme that can help lead to their success without having the added stress of doing things that may be unnecessary.

How to Keep It Up When Your Business Starts to Scale

Bringing it back full circle, having these touchpoints and milestones within his programme is what drove Robin to invest so much in a domain in the first place. Now Fearless is increasingly growing in success, and clients Robin intends to create an app that includes these elements of personalisation without him having to stretch his time further.

In Robin’s eyes, having a great domain name is one of the best brand assets a business can have. With the world being online now more than ever before, Robin places a high amount of importance on obtaining the best domain name as many have been taken because the market is overpopulated.

He compares the process to that of buying land. When someone invests in a piece of land, they can do anything they want to it, and the same goes with obtaining domain names online. Whether or not a domain will end up being successful isn’t as much of a burden as one may think. Because the domain is an investment in itself, Robin can always resell it if nothing goes to plan. Robin believes that the more someone pays for a domain name, the more chances it has of being successful; otherwise, they won’t be sold at that rate in the first place.

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