Image to Text Converter for Document Management Solutions

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March 4, 2024

An image to text converter is a crazy and very helpful technology to play with. Extracting text from any picture or document and making it editable is known as an image to text conversion or text extraction from an image.

Image to text conversion technology is helping out people in the most effective way. People are using these photos to text converters for their personal use as well as it is helping organisations to convert their whole manual data entries into digital format.

Image to text technology uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to detect the text written in images.

Image to text extractors works to assist with artificial intelligence algorithms. It is efficient enough to detect text of any font and or even if the picture is blurry.

An OCR-based image to text generator captures the font style and pattern of text on images.

In the second step, it matches these patterns with thousands of patterns saved already in the database. After all, it gives you the most appropriate output in the form of text. This text can be copied and used anywhere.

Key Takeaways on Image to Text Converters for Document Management Systems:

  • Interesting Applications: Image to text technology has various applications, including copying text from images, converting WhatsApp statuses to text, and transforming written applications or letters into digital format.
  • Document Management: Organizations can benefit from image to text technology for document management, reducing paper usage and storage issues while increasing efficiency.
  • Extraction Process: The process of extracting text from an image using an image to text converter involves uploading the image, processing the extraction, and obtaining the extracted text.
  • OCR Advantages: Advantages of an OCR-based image to text converter include disaster security, editable documents, searchable text, high data integrity, reduced storage problems, cost reduction, increased productivity, and improved accuracy.
  • Wide Applicability: Image to text technology is helpful in various fields such as students, workers, writers, and businessmen. Most image to text converters are free and safe to use, provided a reputable website is chosen.
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Some Interesting Applications of an Image to Text Converter

There are hundreds of useful applications of an image to text technology. Some handy uses of it are written below.

  • You can copy text from images received from friends such as handouts, memes, quotes, etc.
  • You can convert WhatsApp statuses to text by taking a screenshot of it.
  • Convert any kind of written application or letter into digital text format.
  • You can take pictures of any good saying or wording you like somewhere and convert it into text for later use.
  • Data entry operators can use this to extract text from a document and enter it into excel sheets.
  • You can submit your written homework in digital form using the image to text technology.
  • Organisations can make themselves paper free by scanning bundles of documents and converting them into digital text format.

Document Management Using Image to Text Technology

Trillions of tons of paper are used every year by big organisations. High consumption of paper is injurious to our environment as paper is made from wood.

Organisations have hundreds and thousands of paper bundles, including employee data, payroll information, reports, letters, applications, and much more.

Handling these documents can be a severe issue for them. Here comes the role of the image to text technology in document management.

Every big organisation has now shifted its systems online. Their online software can handle the data digitally in a more appropriate manner.

But here comes the problem of converting documents into digital text. As a solution to this problem, an image to text converter can be very useful.

Extracting the text from the paper manually and adding it to the software can take months and will cost you a lot.

The simplest way to perform this task is to click pictures of documents and upload them to an image to text converter.

This technology will instantly generate the text written on the images into a digital format that can be copied and used anywhere.

You can use this technology to convert old documents to text as well as the documents coming on a daily basis. But ultimately you should shift all your information to digital format and decrease paper usage.

How to Extract Text from an Image Using Text Extractor?

Image to text converters are online tools for extracting text from images that can be copied and used anywhere.

We have tested a few online images to-text generators, and most of them work similarly. Hence, here are a few easy steps to use any picture to text converter.

Step 1:

For extracting text from an image, you have to first upload the image and make sure it has some text in it. Some image to text converters allows you to process multiple images in a single go.

Moreover, in a few text extractors, you can also provide a URL leading to the image or attach it using your Google drive.

Extra Text from an Image

Step 2:

Press the “Extract Now” or “Submit” button to start processing the extraction.

Choose Your Image to Extract Text From

Step 3:

In a short time, the text will be extracted from the images and shown in the respective output boxes. You can copy or export this text freely in most of the tools.

Output Text From Image

Advantages of an OCR-Based Image to Text Converter

Below are the few perks of using the image to text technology mentioned.

  • Disaster Security: In case of any emergency or document loss, you have a backup in digital format.
  • Make Documents Editable: You can easily edit information in documents when converted into text.
  • Searchable Text Documents: Any particular thing or word in the image can be searched when converted into text.
  • High Data Integrity: Data in the form of text is way more secure than in pictures or documents.
  • Resolve the Storage Problem: Storing documents or pictures needs a lot of storage space either in the form of physical storage or hard disks.
  • Reduce Cost: Converting images to text reduces cost as it saves storage and management expenses.
  • Increase Productivity: Image to text technology reduces costs and increases the speed of work, which ultimately enhances productivity.
  • Boost Accuracy: Text is easily searchable as well as it is mobile, you can send it over the internet. There remain very less chances of errors in finding or editing text rather than in images.


Image to text technology is helping many people in every field, whether they are students, workers, writers, businessmen, etc.

Try this insane image to text technology in your daily life tasks and let us know your experience with it. Still, have some confusion about this technology? Read the FAQs down below.


How Does an Image to Text Converter Ease Data Entry?

Data entry is usually known as extracting text from documents and inserting it into excel sheets or some software. Image to text technology can help in extracting the text from pages, this text can be copied and pasted freely into excel sheets.

Is image to text converters free?

Yes! Most of the converters are freely available.

Is Image to text converters safe to use?

Yes! They are safe to use but make sure to use a reputable website to convert your sensitive images.

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