Instagram Notes: The New Way to Connect with Your Followers

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March 20, 2024

Instagram introduced its users to a unique and new way to communicate with their followers on the app. This feature on Instagram is a throwback to the days when people used MSN Messenger.

The feature is getting popular among users because of many reasons. For example, it helps you share your thoughts and current status with your followers without putting much effort that used in making Instagram posts or stories.

Are you wondering what the Instagram notes feature is how you can use it and for what purposes it can be useful for you? Fret not, as we have the answers to all these queries. This article is all about what Instagram notes are on the app!

Key Takeaways on Using Instagram Notes to Connect with Your Followers

  1. What are Instagram Notes?: Short statuses for your profile visible to followers, reminiscent of MSN Messenger, limited to 60 characters and disappearing in 24 hours.
  2. Connecting with Followers: Share current status, daily quotes, event promotions, gratitude messages, polls, travel announcements, and more to engage with your audience.
  3. Creating Instagram Notes: Access the feature via the DM section, tap on your profile picture, select "Note," write your message (add music if desired), and hit "Share" to connect with followers.
  4. Troubleshooting: If unable to find the Notes option, update the app, reinstall if necessary, ensure activity status is enabled, or switch to a professional profile temporarily.
  5. Benefits: Enhance engagement, share updates instantly, and connect with followers in a concise and effective manner using Instagram Notes.
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What are Instagram notes?

Instagram notes are a short status you can put on your profile that will be showing to your followers only - those followers who you follow you back or to the list of your close friends.

An Instagram short can be a maximum of 60 characters lengthy. The option of Instagram notes sits in your inbox just above the section of direct messages. Instagram notes are much like Instagram stories, disappearing in 24 hours. Users can reply to the Instagram notes. These replies will appear in your DMs.

The feature of Instagram Notes was first tested on users in July 2022; however, it was officially launched globally in December 2022.

How do Instagram notes help connect with people?

You can use the Instagram Notes feature for several purposes to keep connected with your followers and close connections on the platform. Here are the top ideas collected explaining how people are using and for what purposes people are using Instagram notes:

Current status: People share their current situation or moods to tell their close friends and followers what they are feeling and thinking right now.

Daily quotes: This is another best way to use the Instagram Notes feature where people share daily quotes through notes. This is much like sharing daily messages to someone’s DM. Instead of sharing your thoughts with every follower or friend personally, you can simply put your notes.

Share wishes: If there is a special event on the head, or you are celebrating some special occasions but do not have time to create a post or share a story, say thanks to the Instagram notes feature. You can simply share your thoughts and wishes about a particular moment or event through this note.

Event promotion: Brands or celebrities who want to make their audience and followers aware of their upcoming events, can simply announce this news through Instagram notes.

Gratitude Messages: Celebrities who receive lots of love and care from their followers on their birthdays, engagement ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, and other special events, simply put Instagram notes to say thanks to all of their followers.

Poll and questions: Do you have spare time to play with your followers, ask them fun questions through notes and enjoy their answers. On the other hand, if you want to get feedback about particular services or products, simply ask it from your followers. It will help you get instant feedback, helping you improve your services.

Emergency announcements: If you have any emergency, you can share it with your customers or followers. For example, is there any need to change your duty hours, or if you are going to stay offline for a certain time, you can simply put a note to keep your followers updated about your or your business schedule.

Travel announcement: This is the best idea for celebrities and other renowned personalities to share their travel plans with their followers. It will let the audience know where currently you are in and you can also call them for support at particular moments.

These are some ideas we have seen through some celebrities and businesses. There are several other benefits one can avail of while using the feature of Instagram notes.

How to create Instagram notes?

You just heard about the Instagram notes feature and want to try it now, but are confused about where to find and use this feature? Well, fret not and follow the given guide, helping you create and share Instagram Notes with your followers:

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and navigate the messages section available on the top right corner of your Instagram homepage.

Step 2: In the DM section you will find your profile picture just under the search bar. On your profile picture, you will find a button of note.

Step 3: Tap the Note option, and you will be directed to a screen where you can write a note.

Step 4: If necessary you can add music or sound to your notes, to make it more compelling for your followers. This is an optional feature. If you do not want to add music, you can leave it.

Step 5: Once the note is completed, you will find a share button at the top-right corner of your screen. Hit the button and your note will be shared with your followers or close friends.

What if I do not find an Instagram notes option?

The Instagram Notes feature was launched back in 2022. Today, the feature or option is available to the worldwide users. However, if you are unable to find the option, your app may have been through some serious technical issues. Follow the given tips, proposed by the best social media consultant, helping you unlock the Instagram notes option:

  • Go to the PlayStore and update your app. 
  • Due to some technical issues, the app may not work properly. Do uninstall and reinstall your app.
  • The option may sometimes not show if you disable the activity status. Ensure that the activity status of your account is enabled.
  • Sometimes the option may not apply to personal accounts. Switch your account to a professional profile. Once the option appears, you can switch it back to a personal profile.


Instagram notes are an amazing feature, allowing you to share your current status instantly with your followers and close friends. Remember that it won’t be longer than 60 characters. So, choose your words wisely to complete your message. The given guide will help you update your status successfully on the app.

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