Is the Best Tool for Detecting Plagiarism?

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September 14, 2023

Are you a student or blogger looking for a worthy tool to detect plagiarism in your essays, assignments or content?

Plagiarism is considered a heinous crime these days because if it is detected in your written content, you’ll have to face serious consequences. If you are a student, plagiarism can cause serious consequences like fines, legal actions and expulsion from college. If you are a writer, it can ruin your whole career for stealing someone’s work. So, plagiarism is a dangerous thing.

Plagiarism detectors are widely available on the internet but do you know not every tool provides you with authentic results? In this guide, we will be reviewing, a famous plagiarism detector. We will look into the tool, its characteristics, and use it to identify plagiarism to determine its authenticity.

Key Takeaways on Detecting Plagiarism

  1. Comprehensive Plagiarism Detection: employs machine learning AI technology to detect both direct and indirect plagiarism in text, making it a comprehensive tool for writers and students.
  2. Data Processing Capability: This tool can process large files, including novellas, theses, and research articles, with a word limit of up to 25,000 words, making it suitable for various content needs.
  3. Detailed Analysis: provides users with percentages of uniqueness and plagiarism, highlights plagiarised text in red, and offers a list of sources to help users understand and rectify potential issues.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The tool is user-friendly, allowing easy text input, document uploads, and quick plagiarism checks.
  5. Indirect Plagiarism Detection: Unlike some other tools, effectively detects both direct and indirect plagiarism, ensuring thorough content analysis.
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Intro of is developed using machine learning AI technology. It has the data of large databases which it compares with the user’s text to identify plagiarism. The tool is professional and can identify both direct and indirect plagiarism.

Direct plagiarism is when the exact words of an author are copy pasted and used as one’s own. It occurs when directly words of another person are copied and pasted without quotation marks or giving credit.

Indirect Plagiarism is when a person paraphrases someone else’s idea or thought but doesn’t cite the source properly. This also is considered a type of plagiarism but it can be avoided by giving credit to the author. is an able tool that has the ability to detect both types of plagiarism in written content. Indirect plagiarism checking feature is not available in most tools on the internet. But the tools used by professionals and teachers have this feature. Thus using before turning in your content can save us from trouble.

Characteristics of

Characteristics of any tool are the qualities that make it better than other tools. Let’s look at the characteristics of to identify its superiority over other plagiarism checking tools.

1. Large Data Processing:

The checks plagiarism in both large and small files. It can detect plagiarism in large files like novellas, thesis and research articles. The word limit is 25000 words at a time. Most content is usually 1000-2000 words long, so you can estimate its data processing ability.

2. Plagiarism percentage:

The provides percentages of uniqueness and plagiarism in a text. These percentages give users the idea how much they have plagiarised and how much they need to fix. Also if the plagiarism percentage is lower than 10%, it is usually acceptable.

3. List of sources: also provides a list of sources that have been plagiarised by the user. The user can cite the sources or add quotes to avoid plagiarism. As the saying goes, give credit where it's due. Acknowledging someone’s work and citing the course properly is crucial for one’s academic success.

4. Red and Green Highlights: highlights the plagiarised text in red while the original text in green. This helps users focus on the red plagiarised lines only. The user can paraphrase or cite those lines to eliminate plagiarism from text.

5. Massive databases: has access to large databases which includes, online documents, e-books, thesis, archives, online databases and archives. Here is the list:

List of Databases - plagiarism-checker-business-technology-artificial-intelligence-coach

6. Plagiarism types: focuses on both direct and indirect plagiarism. The unprofessional tools are unable to detect indirect plagiarism in the documents but this tool effectively detects both direct and indirect plagiarism thus helping users to eliminate it before submission.

All these features make a worthy tool for plagiarism checking.

How to use is a user-friendly and easy-to-handle tool. Even tech jobs can handle these tools easily without any difficulty. Follow the steps given below to use it for plagiarism detection:

1. Open the Tool:

First of all, open the you will see a dialogue box saying “Enter text here…”

See here how to open the tool online plagiarism checker Online-plagiarism-checker

2. Upload Document:

You can either copy and paste the text in the dialogue box or you can upload the file. The text will be extracted from the uploaded file immediately.

paste the content to check for plagiarism upload the document business coach

3. Click on Check Plagiarism:

After that, click on the “Check Plagiarism” button in blue colour which is right below the dialogue box.

check plagiarism tool by clicking on this button - business coaching  plagiarism checker artificial intelligence

The tool will immediately check the plagiarism in the text. It will just take a couple of seconds.

4. Check Results:

The results will appear showing plagiarism percentage in red and unique percentage in green. The plagiarised text will be highlighted in red and the user can paraphrase or cite it to remove plagiarism.

results for plagiarism checker artificial intelligence tool business coaching united kingdom

5. Remove Plagiarism:

To remove plagiarism, click on the lines highlighted in red color. The source will appear, cite the source properly to remove the indirect plagiarism. In case of direct plagiarism, you can either paraphrase the text or put quotation marks plus provide reference of the source.

The tool also provides the plagiarism removing option. Just move your cursor on the plagiarised line, “Remove Plagiarism” option will appear. Click on it and the tool will change the line to remove plagiarism. The paraphrased text will be highlighted in blue.

plagiarism checker online tool

All these steps will ensure that your content is original, properly referenced and 100% plagiarism free. This will save you from problems you could face due to plagiarism in your writing.

Why Must You Check Plagiarism in Your Writing?

Even if you are certain that you have written everything on your own and haven’t copy pasted anything, it is still possible to plagiarise. Even if the plagiarism is unintentional, it can cause serious consequences for the student or writer.

Performing this extra step of checking plagiarism can save you from bitter circumstances, so why don’t you do it? It just takes a couple of minutes to check plagiarism and remove it in case some lines are plagiarised.

Is it an Authentic Plagiarism Checker?

Yes!! After using plagiarism checker .ai, I can testify that it is really an authentic and accurate tool for plagiarism checking. The examples I have displayed above accurately identify the plagiarism in the text. This tool not only identifies the direct plagiarism but also the indirect plagiarism. One can check plagiarism in large files up to 25,000 words. It is a worthy alternative to Turnitin. If you are looking for a plagiarism detector, the is the right tool for you. 

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