Keeping Your Tech From Holding The Business Day Up

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November 8, 2022

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The time you spend at work is littered with all kinds of frustrations and annoyances, isn’t it? Maybe it’s a coworker chewing too loudly next to you, maybe it’s a blocked toilet at the back of the restaurant, or maybe it’s the frozen computer in front of you. Let’s focus on that last point for a second: technology can be hit or miss, and when your business depends on it, even slightly the wrong angle can ruin the entire working day.

The technology that exists inside of your office, or the tech you put to use on your shop floor, can be a real killer of productivity. So let’s have a think about what you can do to stop these systems and networks from slowing down the pace of the working day. Remember, sometimes it’s not the employees on your payroll - sometimes it’s what they’re left to work with!

Update, First of All

A lot of businesses are running on old and outdated technology, and have to make do with these systems, despite how buggy and prone to intrusion they are. Yes, running on an old OS, that’s connected to the internet, could potentially mean a whole world of hurt for your business!

So it’s important to start updating, and throwing these old and defunct systems out - they’re not helping anyone. Make sure that whenever an update comes through for the Windows 10 network you’re using, or for the iPads you use to work outside of the office, you’re taking the time to download and install it.

It might take a few minutes out of your day, but it’s definitely key to stopping further (and longer) interruptions in the future. And if you’re using tech that is no longer supported, like an old laptop model, it’ll be much safer to invest in the recent versions on the market - no developer or company support means no IT solutions, and little chance for you to get out of that bootloop your laptop is stuck in.

Then Assess Your Tech Structures

The next thing to do is to check the network you’re running on, and how all of your tech is linked up to it. Is it a secure connection, first of all? Is it cumbersome and clunky, and there’s a strong chance people will trip over all of those wires? Is it just a mess, that’s unsightly and does little for the comfort of the people who work in the office? Any one of these questions, answered negatively, can mean you need to change the structure your business tech uses.

That doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Going back to the point above, it might just need an update! Look into some structured cabling solutions, if you’re worried about the servers in the back of the office, and all of the junk that seems to be wired up in the back.

The day of business at hand needs time and attention - make sure your tools won’t hold it up!

[Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash]

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