Here’s What You Can Do To ‘Level Up’ Your Brand

January 16, 2019

Here’s What You Can Do To ‘Level Up’ Your Brand

Brand building is one of the most important steps that a business can possibly take. Just look at all of the brands we know and love today. They all started in the same position, and they had to make sure that their brand building attempts were strong enough to become instantly recognizable household names. 59% of people who were questioned said that they prefer to buy items from brands that are familiar to them!

Below, we’ll discuss what you can do to level up your brand. Whether you want to become a household name or simply well known in your own industry, these pointers will help you.

Make Sure You Have Your Target Audience Down To A T

The foundation for your successful brand is the target audience that you’re going to be focusing on. You cannot be everything to everyone, so you’re going to have to make some executive decisions here. You must get specific. For example, you could be specific by targeting moms who work from home, or even by targeting students who are studying in a foreign country. You can figure out their demographics, too, such as the age range, location, education level, and income level. All of these things will ensure you’re taking the perfect approach.

Focusing on a niche audience first will be a big help, and later on you may consider expanding that audience - but only when you brand loyalty has grown enough to warrant it.

Create A Mission Statement

A mission statement is designed to outline what your company is passionate about. Use this to communicate the value that your business provides; a purpose for existing. Your target audience and mission statement will then inform every other aspect of your brand building strategies. Your logo, tagline, and voice, should all reflect your mission statement, so keep it in mind. Ensure you communicate this to your web design team, too, and they will be able to come up with a design that suits what you are trying to achieve.

Create A Brand Voice

Your brand voice can depend on many factors, including your mission, audience, and industry.

It could be professional, informative, or friendly, depending on what personality you’re trying to portray. All you have to do is ensure it makes sense and resonates with your target audience, and then ensure it is consistent across all platforms. Your brand voice will enable you to strengthen your brand further - take a look at brands like Frank Body, the Dollar Shave Club, and Innocent Smoothie to get an idea of what a strong voice looks like.

Brand Building Never Stops

You must remember that brand building never truly stops. It is communicated in your environment, personal interactions, advertisements, packaging and more. Consistency is absolutely imperative if you are going to level up your brand!

A strong brand building process can transform you from a small fish to big fish in just a matter of time. Providing you’re consistent, you will experience a deeper level of trust from your audience like never before!

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