Leveraging AI-Powered Video Learning for Employee Training and Development

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May 29, 2023

With almost every industry embracing the use of artificial intelligence (AI), companies are slowly leveraging the power of AI to create training content that resonates with modern employees and drives business growth. As a result, companies are switching gears and adopting a science and data-backed approach to upskilling employees – video AI.

With people retaining 95% of information by watching videos, AI-powered video is set to revolutionise and bring a paradigm shift in employee training. But, first thing first, what is AI-powered video learning?

Key takeaways on AI-powered video learning for your employees

  1. AI-powered Video Learning: AI-powered video learning combines video-based learning with AI's capabilities to analyse employees' behaviours, learning styles, and preferences. It helps in creating customised learning experiences tailored to individual needs.
  2. Localisation of Content: AI allows for content localisation, enabling companies to provide training materials in various languages. This caters to multinational employees and promotes a sense of belonging.
  3. Scalability of Video Production: AI-powered video platforms significantly reduce the cost of creating video content, making it more scalable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  4. Personalised Learning Experience: AI-powered videos can adjust the pace and difficulty level of training based on an employee's progress and speed. This enhances learning and improves outcomes.
  5. Interactive Videos: AI can help make videos more interactive and engaging, improving attention span and overall training effectiveness.
  6. Increased Course Completion Rates: By creating relevant and bite-sized study materials, AI-powered videos can enhance interest and result in higher completion rates.
  7. Efficiency in Learning: AI-powered videos facilitate efficient learning by delivering tailored content that helps employees grasp new concepts and skills in less time.
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What is AI-powered video learning?

AI-powered video learning combines traditional video-based learning with the power of AI to analyse employees' behaviour, learning style, and preferences to create customised learning experiences. These learning platforms collect data from employee interaction, such as quiz results, interaction during the video learning course, and watching patterns. 

Based on this data, the AI recommends a training program, adjusts the training’s difficulty level, and adapts to the employee's learning style.

What is AI-powered video learning?

So, how will AI-powered video learning revolutionise the training landscape? In this article, you'll understand the many benefits of using AI training videos.

1. Empowers you to localise the content

Companies are rapidly adopting AI videos because of their localisation and language capabilities. With most multinational companies hiring employees from diverse backgrounds and providing them training in a localised language gives their employees a sense of belonging.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars with voice-over artists or adding subtitles to your training videos, use AI to create training videos in multiple languages. You only require a video script, and AI will handle the rest.

Empowers you to localise the content

Case study: Cyber Inc. was looking to scale its business and enter new markets but needed help to create training videos in different languages. They used Synthesia.io to create training videos in six different languages, helping the company enter new markets and build a connection with employees from diverse backgrounds.

2. Makes video production scalable

Did you know the average cost of creating one-hour instruction-led training cost around $5,934?

Creating creative and qualitative learning content requires a huge investment of time and money. Providing your employees with the opportunity to be updated with the latest emerging technologies will certainly lead to greater innovation and it’s the safest way to get the most out of your employees’ creativity and productivity. 

With AI-powered video platforms, they can make videos from their browsers without bankrupting themselves. 

Case study: When Sigma software wanted to convert its large amount of training information into videos, they approached elai.io because the traditional method of making videos was unduly long and expensive. Elai.io created the videos in a short period and at an affordable cost.

3. Provides a personalised learning experience

Like fingerprints, no two employees will have the same learning style, preferences, watching patterns, engagement level, and goals. When you try to create one-size-fits-all training programs, 72% of employees fail to pay attention to your training videos. That’s why personalising training experience is more than a necessity, and AI-powered videos help you achieve this.

These intelligent AI algorithms analyse an employee's progress and speed to adjust the training’s pace and difficulty level.

AI videos understand the employees’ requirements and create tailor-made learning modules, emphasising their favourite type of content and leaving out redundant content and learning material to ensure employees enjoy their training sessions.

They even provide personalised feedback to employees, helping them understand areas requiring improvement. Personalised experiences help employees stay motivated and focused, improving outcomes and retention, and they help in further professional development

4. Allows everyone to create videos

From a certified video editor to an amateur trainer with no knowledge of video editing, anyone and everyone can create AI videos. If you have a text script or a PowerPoint slide deck, making AI videos is easy.

These videos use natural-sounding avatars to get professional-looking and studio-quality videos without prior knowledge of video production or editing.

Case study: When the State of New Mexico wanted to provide more video content to their residents and ensure a steady flow of information, they hired Colossians. The state’s instructional technology team uses the AI-powered video platform to convert text and slide decks into compelling, high-quality videos.

5. Makes videos more interactive and engaging

Who doesn’t love interactive and engaging elements amidst a training session? Besides refreshing the mind, these elements make training interesting and captivating for employees.

These elements require employees to actively participate in the learning process rather than passively watching the training session from the comfort of a cosy chair. Such learning experiences improve employees' critical thinking skills and help them apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Makes videos more interactive and engaging

With 82% of employees preferring interactive videos over non-interactive ones, as it holds their attention span,companies shouldn’t overlook the importance of AI-powered video learning.

Add a pinch of creativity to your AI-powered videos by:

  • Giving employees control of play, pause and repeat buttons
  • Including quizzes and polls
  • Asking interactive questions to the employees

6. Increases course completion rate

What is the worst nightmare for training and onboarding professionals? An MIT study revealed that the completion rate for LMS-based courses is not more than 4 percent.

As AI videos analyse the employee’s capabilities, they create relevant study materials that employees find interesting, resulting in higher completion rates and better upskilling.

Also, AI can break complex topics into manageable chunks of information, ensuring employees don’t feel overwhelmed by the topic.

By providing bite-sized content, AI videos ensure employees remain motivated and complete their training.

7. Increases the learning

Creating AI videos is a simple and non-time-consuming process. Why? Because while you relax, the AI-powered video generation platform cooks up a fresh video.

As AI creates tailor-made videos, it helps employees master new concepts and skills in significantly less time.

AI-powered video learning is the new visual channel to stand out

In today's cluttered online space, where there are multiple ways to keep your employees happy and increase their productivity,  and there are also training courses available for a single topic, you must ensure your content is distinguishable.

Though relatively new, AI-powered videos are engaging, contribute to the employee's active learning, reduce cost, increase retention power, and improve the learning graph.

Utilising AI videos will help you reach the desired training outcome with a less cognitive effort from the employee's side – creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Give this immersive technology a try and see the progress in your employees!

Ready to jump on the AI-powered video learning bandwagon?

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