Online Therapy is Trendy, But is it Legitimate Telemedicine - Ways to Protect, Promote Your Private Services

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March 4, 2024

Online therapy is all the rage now like sourdough starters were in everyone’s kitchen during lockdown. But beyond being trendy, it’s shaping up to be a game-changer in mental health care. 

But virtual therapy doesn't just offer you a comfy spot on the digital couch – it's recognised as official and legit telemedicine. And if you're dishing out these services, it is vital to look out for ways to make your practice stand out and protect that precious client-therapist trust. 

Here are several ways to protect and promote your private services 

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Key Takeaways on Online Therapy

  1. Privacy is Paramount in Online Therapy: Emphasise top-notch security measures, including robust encryption, to assure clients that their confidential conversations are safeguarded, fostering trust and setting your services apart.
  2. Showcase Professional Credentials: Display your qualifications prominently on your online therapy platform to bolster credibility. Highlighting diplomas, certificates, and licences reassures clients of your expertise, establishing trust and professionalism.
  3. Tech Savvy Enhances Therapist Capability: Master the technology behind online therapy to ensure a seamless experience. Employing reliable software solutions, like DrChrono EHR, demonstrates your commitment to providing a hiccup-free, supportive environment.
  4. Prioritise User-Friendly Experience: Craft an online therapy platform that is intuitive and easy to navigate, offering a smooth experience from sign-up to session scheduling. Prioritising user-friendliness allows clients to focus on their well-being without technological distractions. In the digital age, obtaining prescriptions online offers convenience and accessibility for patients seeking timely medical care.
  5. Share Success Stories for Validation: Highlight client success stories as testimonials to showcase the effectiveness of your online therapy. Obtain consent to share these stories, providing powerful evidence of real progress and encouraging potential clients to engage with your services.
  6. Curate a Professional Online Presence: Build a digital presence that reflects warmth and professionalism. Engage with your audience on social media, sharing content that resonates and positions you as an empathetic professional in the mental health space.
  7. Establish Clear Communication Boundaries: While being accessible is crucial, set clear boundaries for communication to avoid burnout. Clearly communicate when and how clients can contact you between sessions, ensuring expectations are transparent while preserving your downtime.
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Privacy is King

When it comes to online therapy, privacy isn't just important – it's everything. To keep your chats safer than a secret diary, top-notch security is a must. We're talking ironclad encryption that keeps those heart-to-hearts under digital lock and key.

If you're offering these services, shout about your security from the virtual rooftops! Letting clients know their private thoughts stay private not only builds trust but also sets you apart from the crowd. It's like promising an invisibility cloak for their feelings – who wouldn't want that? 

Flaunt Those Credentials

In the online therapy game, your street cred relies heavily on your actual credentials. Don't just have them — flaunt them! It’s like having a belt studded with championship titles; it shows you're not messing around. 

Hang those diplomas, certificates, and licences on your virtual wall like they’re high scores in the latest video game. Make sure each one is visible to clients when they visit your site or profile. 

It reassures them that you're totally equipped to be their mental health Yoda over the interwebs. Plus, it's a green flag for professionalism that says, "I've got this!" 

Channel Your Inner Tech Whisperer

Tech hiccups during a deep emotional dive are never a cool thing. That's why being savvy with your software is like having a superpower. Make sure everything, from your video platform to chat functions, runs smoother than a late-night R&B tune.

Using slick tools like DrChrono EHR software can help keep things running without a hitch. It's about creating that seamless experience where the tech fades into the background, and the focus is all on the healing convo. 

Master the Smooth User Experience

Your online therapy platform should feel as easy and soothing as tuning into a midnight jazz station. No static, no interruptions — just pure, silky-smooth streaming of support and care.

Focus on making everything user-friendly from start to finish. From signing up to scheduling sessions, every click should feel intuitive – like the therapist version of that one-click ordering magic. The smoother you make the process, the more clients can relax and focus on what really matters – getting their zen on and working through life's tangles with you. 

Share Those Win-Win Stories

If you have some clients who've gone from stressed to impressed with your online therapy, spotlight those success stories! It’s like giving a high-five through the screen and telling potential new clients, "This could be you!"

Of course, get that thumbs-up from folks before sharing their journey (privacy is no joke). Having these testimonials is akin to showing off a highlight reel of life-changing moments. They tell newcomers, "Hey look, real people, real progress!" 

It's powerful proof that your virtual sessions pack a punch just as much as any in-office visit – maybe even more since it comes with added convenience and comfort. 

Craft a Cool Online Presence

Besides providing top-tier online therapy, you will want to ensure your digital presence reflects that. In other words, ensure it doesn't look like you set up shop just because someone said, "Hey, the internet’s where it’s at!" No, no. You’ve got to build an online home base that exudes warmth and professionalism.

Get on those socials and post content that speaks to people — maybe drop some wisdom bombs or share articles that aren’t just doomscrolling material. Be the empathetic pro everyone needs in their feed, not just another “by-the-book” profile they scroll past. Engage with clients like they’re your neighbourhood fam; make them feel seen even through the pixels. 

Balance Those Communication Lines

Lastly, it's cool to be reachable for your clients, meaning they can ping you when the going gets tough. But, plot twist: if you're available 24/7, it’s a one-way ticket to Burnout City. Set boundaries so tight they could pass for vacuum seals.

Clearly communicate when and how clients can holler at you between sessions, then stick to it like glitter on craft day. It keeps expectations clearer than a freshly Windexed window while preserving that all-important downtime of yours. 

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