Putting A Personal Touch On Your Branding

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October 3, 2022

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Branding is something every business out there, big and small alike, needs to have their own hand in. You need to brand the company you founded in a way you’re proud of, that both gets your message out there, as well as includes all the ethical touches that makes your business what it is today. And that’s hard to incorporate into a 2 inch logo that spans the corner of your website!

Because of this, a lot of people like to go the stock image route, and let their business grow a little organically before they put a more time and effort into finding an effective way to show off their message. But that can work against them! So in order to make sure your branding is as personal as it could be, here’s some tips for you.

Learn Your Way Around Technology

The first thing to do, to make sure you can create logos and update them whenever you want or need to, is to make sure you know how to use an artist tablet and the software that accompanies it. When you can sketch out your own branding pieces, and know them inside out when it comes to the right colours, shapes, and the rights to them, you’ve come up with a recipe for success.

Don’t worry too much if you’ve got some relative inexperience here; being able to draw is one of the most sort after skills out there, so you can be sure there’s going to be plenty of online help and classes to teach you what to do. Just take these Illustrator training classes as a good example: they’ll show you the ins and outs of one of the top artist softwares out there, and as a result, allow you all the freedom and creativity of being able to brand your business yourself! No outsourcing for you!

Centre Your Brand on Yourself

A lot of people within the shopping generation want the brands they shop with to be relatable. They want to be able to bring their friends and revel in the similarities in taste, style, and beliefs that you all share. And most of all, they want the companies they shop with to have a face. Because of this, you need to focus your branding on yourself, especially as an entrepreneur or a small business.

You want people to know the creative mind behind the up and coming brand they’re looking into, and you want them to know what makes you different to everyone else. So be yourself, show off your qualities via the work you put out there, and be sure to have a reason for the design choices you make - the niche you’re operating within are going to want you to be transparent about details like that!

Your branding can be perfectly personal with little touches like these. Be sure to tell us all about your own personal branding ideas - we love the entrepreneurial spirit here!

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