Raising Additional Funds to Put Into Your Business

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January 19, 2024

Some business owners might seek funding from venture capitalists or angel investors. However, not all businesses require the type of money or support that these investors can deliver. Sometimes when you want to put money into your business, you're looking at raising a more manageable amount of cash. If you want to fund your business further, whether to keep it going or to help it continue to grow, you might be looking at alternative options to make it happen. Here are some possibilities to help you get there without having to spend a long time courting rich investors.

Key Takeaways on Raising Funds for Your Business

  1. Diverse Funding Options: Not every business requires venture capital or angel investor support; explore alternative funding methods tailored to your needs.
  2. Crowdfunding Strategy: Leverage crowdfunding from customers and supporters for specific projects, offering transparency on fund allocation and meaningful rewards.
  3. Personal Savings Growth: Consider growing your personal savings by reducing expenses or exploring financial strategies like remortgaging to inject personal funds into your business.
  4. Friends and Family Support: Approach friends and family cautiously for financial assistance, ensuring clear terms such as interest, equity, or profit sharing to maintain healthy relationships.
  5. Balancing Personal and Business Finances: Use personal funds wisely to support your business without entangling personal and business finances, avoiding potential complications.
  6. Community and Government Grants: Explore small business grants as a viable option, considering regional, industry-specific, or government-supported opportunities for a reasonable cash injection.
  7. Strategic Funding for Goals: Tailor your funding approach to your business goals, choosing methods that align with your vision without solely relying on investor pitches.
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Crowdfund from Customers and Supporters

Crowdfunding has been a popular way to raise money for businesses for a while now. It's a popular choice for people working on creative projects, but it can apply to other businesses and brands that need funding too. The best way to crowdfund is to do it for a specific product or project. People who contribute want to know where the money is going and what they're going to get out of it. Crowdfunding typically involves giving rewards to people who donate, which could range from free products to recognition of their contribution, depending on how much they pay.

Idea notes for raising funds
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Grow Your Personal Savings

Using your personal money to fund your business is another way to ensure it gets the money it needs. If you want to grow your savings so you can put them into your business, you might want to start by looking at how you can reduce your expenses. Remortgaging is one thing that can help you save a decent amount of money each month. With more money to spare each month, you can contribute more to your business. However, it's important to be careful not to get your personal finances and business finances too tangled up with each other.

Approach Friends and Family

Friends and family are often willing to help you out with the growth of your business. If they want to see you succeed and believe you can, they might have money they can lend you. Some might even be kind enough to give some money as a gift. Approaching friends and family members for cash for your business can be tricky, though. You don't want to take advantage of their kindness. Consider what they might receive in return, whether it's interest on what they lend you, a share in the business, or perhaps some of the profits.

Look for Small Business Grants

Small business grants can also help you out if you want to give your company a reasonable cash injection. They might not give you a ton of money, but they can give you enough to help you achieve your goals. Some grants might be regional, while others can be for certain types of businesses or certain types of entrepreneurs. Grants might come from the government (local or national) but can be given by charities too.

When your business needs funding, these smart methods are alternatives to putting together a pitch for investors.

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