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October 24, 2022

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Today I’m joined by Jules Dan. He’s a group fitness professional turned email copywriter and has a passion for stories.

Since starting his email copywriting journey in March 2020, stories have been Jules’ secret weapon to help his clients bring in over $430,000.

His podcast Storytelling Secrets is for coaches, consultants and course creators who want to unlock their core stories and use their stories to sell more online.

It’s the place to master persuasion and influence so you build a deep relationship with your audience. And it’s the place where real-world marketing strategies, tips and lessons are shared freely. Storytelling Secrets has been featured in the top 100 for entrepreneurship in the US and in the top 50 for Australia and the UK.

What we will be discussing today

  • What is a launch and why do entrepreneurs need one?
  • The pivot from coach to a copywriter
  • Why is having a copywriter in your business important?
  • Jules’ 3 H's to a successful pre-launch

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Secrets of a Six-Figure Pre Launch

In this episode of The Fearless Business Podcast, Robin ventures down under and speaks to Australian entrepreneur and acclaimed copywriter Jules Dan. Throughout the episode, they discuss the secret to Jules’ successful launch campaigns he conducts for his clients and what it takes to create excellent email copy.

Structure of a Successful Pre Launch

Jules utilises what he deems a “3 H Structure” when executing pre-launch campaigns. What he means by using the three H’s is the stages that entrepreneurs should get their target demographic to before launching; hot, heavy and hopeful. To clarify, the steps entail:

  • Hot - Marketing and publicity, which heightens anticipation normally centred around a big idea/theme.
  • Heavy - Choosing your demographic wisely, not spreading your efforts too thin, and advertising to those you know will benefit from the product/service/event being launched.
  • Hopeful - Adding in elements to a launch campaign that will make the audience you are targeting hopeful, e.g. “by the end of this talk, you will be able to XYZ.”

Which Strategy is Better; Instaneous Launches or Continuous Updates?

In the words of Jules himself, “why not both?”

Jules believes it’s better to keep your network updated and in regular contact with your business rather than going in cold with a launch out of nowhere. This way, the audience you are targeting can get to know you on a more intimate level and build trust in your brand, which will make them more likely to invest in the product you are launching.

Newsletters, for example, are a great way of keeping your network and target demographic updated without coming across too “salesy”. They are also an excellent opportunity to provide simultaneous publicity for other products/services.

Quick Tip: be careful not to spam recipients with offers. When it comes to email marketing, 1 in 4 emails should be a promotional email. This is what Robin believes to be the golden ratio. Otherwise, you may risk an increase in people unsubscribing.

The Best Practices to Use Post Launch

Just like his three H strategy, Jules utilises another acronym to ensure success post-pre-launch; SUDP. The meaning behind this is as follows:

  • Scarcity - Ensure that the amount of spaces/product you are promoting isn’t overzealous and instead is exclusive to those that do sign up.
  • Urgency - Communicate that the spaces/ product is not never-ending and will run out. Another part of this is also to explain why those resources are limited; transparency is always crucial.
  • Deadline - Have a deadline in place and make it obvious on all marketing materials used. Where email is concerned, Jules recommends placing deadlines at the start and also at the end.
  • Proof -If you can use client testimonials from the events you have launched previously and include belief shifts that address your targets audience worries, e.g. “when I first signed up to XYZ, I thought it was way too expensive but ….”

By implementing these four key steps, entrepreneurs can ensure that their previous efforts during the pre-launch won’t waste.

Why Pre-Launch Emails Tend to Be Rushed

According to Jules, most pre-launch emails come as an afterthought to entrepreneurs after they’ve spent their time coming up with a strategy for other marketing campaigns. So to finalise, when writing a pre-launch email, entrepreneurs need to consider:

  • What the objective of the email is and what they want their recipient to do after reading it.
  • Precisely who they are targeting and why.
  • What their recipients/ clients routine is like and how this will affect timing.

Once these elements are considered, entrepreneurs will find that the chances of their recipients signing up for their services will increase significantly.

To find out more tips and tricks behind creating a successful pre-launch, listen to the full episode now!


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