Senior or Specialist Worker Global Business Mobility Visa

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January 26, 2024

As firms adjusted to visa application channels for transferring international personnel to the UK, the Global Business Mobility routes were created. Let’s examine the parts of the difference between this Visa and the Skilled Worker Visa it replaced, and who qualifies.

Key Takeaways on Global Mobility Visa

  1. Global Business Mobility Visa: Designed for international enterprises establishing a UK presence or relocating workers for commercial reasons.
  2. Eligibility Criteria: Includes senior or specialised personnel, graduate trainees, expansion workers, service providers, independent professionals, and secondment workers of overseas firms with a UK branch.
  3. ICT Visa Transition: ICT visas, formerly used for transferring workers to UK subsidiaries, are being phased out in favor of Global Business Mobility routes.
  4. Qualifications for Global Business Mobility: Criteria include age 18 or older, sponsorship by a UK entity, minimum 12 months' work experience with the related firm, job validity, required skills level, salary threshold, financial sufficiency, and potential TB certificate.
  5. Benefits Over Skilled Worker Visa: GBM visa does not require English fluency and has a higher minimum salary threshold compared to the Skilled Worker Visa.
  6. Duration and Extensions: Global Mobility visas are typically valid for 12 months, extendable up to 2 years, with ILR eligibility after five years of UK work under Tier 2 visas.
  7. QC Immigration Solutions: Trusted immigration service provider offering expertise in navigating visa application processes and ensuring eligibility fulfillment.
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What is Global Business Mobility?

The Global commercial Mobility Visa is a sponsored route for international enterprises looking to establish a UK presence or relocate workers for commercial reasons.

The Global Business Mobility routes visa is for senior or specialised personnel, graduate trainees, expansion workers, service providers, independent professionals, and secondment workers of an overseas firm with a UK branch.

Which is ICT Visa? Before Global Business Mobility, this visa permitted workers from companies with UK subsidiaries to work there. ICT may be used for GBM, but it will be phased out and no longer a visa.

Who gets Global Business Mobility?

Global Business Mobility - Senior or Specialist Worker Visas need UK Visas and Immigration approval:

  1. You are 18 or older;
  2. You work for a company or organisation owned by your UK sponsor or in a joint venture on which you are sponsored;
  3. You have worked outside the UK for the related firm or organisation for at least 12 months, unless you earn £73,900 or more;
  4. Your UK sponsor has provided a valid Certificate of Sponsorship for the position you want;
  5. Your planned job is real;
  6. Your work requires RQF Level 6 (graduate equivalent) skills;
  7. Your remuneration will meet or surpass £45,800 and the "going rate for the job";
  8. Any Immigration Skills Charge paid by your UK sponsor;
  9. Have enough money to maintain oneself without state assistance;
  10. If needed, you presented a TB certificate.

Situation-specific criteria may apply. Talk to QC Immigration for assistance.

Difference between Skilled Worker and Global Business Mobility Visas

Why not a Skilled Worker Visa instead of a GBM – Senior or Specialist worker visa? Why not utilise a skilled working Visa to bring foreign workers to the UK to work for a pre-approved firm with a sponsorship licence?

The GBM – Senior or Specialist Worker visa's key benefit over a Skilled Worker visa is that it doesn't need English. A skilled worker visa ( requires English fluency, whereas the GBM does not.

GBM Visa is suitable for higher-level employment because to its higher minimum salary than Skilled Worker Visa. Applying for a Skilled Worker Visa doesn't need you to have worked for the company for 12 months unless you're earning £73,900+ in the UK.

When Global Business Mobility expires?

How long is GBM valid? Remember that a global mobility visa allows you to stay in the UK for 12 months after your job certificate begins. Your global mobility visa may be extended by 12 months, allowing you to remain for 2 years.

The maximum stay in the UK on a Global Business Mobility visa is two years, however replacement ICT visas vary. Your immigration counsellor should be notified whenever your work or contract changes, as these visas are transitory.

How Global Mobility permits influence UK indefinite permission to stay (ILR)? You may apply for ILR with any Tier 2 visa if you have worked in the UK for more than five years, fulfill income criteria, and your official sponsor requires you to stay. 

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