Setting Up Your Freelance Office On A Budget

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Being a freelancer means you work on your own terms, and you choose your own clients, and you can go further than you ever thought in a digital world like ours. But you are going to need to set up a lot of groundwork first of all, and that can take up a lot of your time and money - especially if you have no revenue coming in yet!

You took the plunge into becoming self employed, and now you’ve got to make it work. And you can only do that if you’ve got the right working space around you. And those can be very expensive to craft, considering all the furniture you’re going to have to invest in and the dedicated wifi source and cloud storage you’ll have to purchase at some point from the likes of 4D Data Centres. But you’re on a budget, can you still set up your office? Of course you can; let’s think about a couple of ways to make your strict budget work.

Only Buy What You Need

Right now, that is, and not what you might need down the line. Even if that extra office chair is on a buy one get one half price offer, or that desk that has more space than you need is discounted, don’t let yourself be tempted. You’re on a strict budget right now, and you’re waiting for your business to accumulate a few more clients, so don’t overstock and overspend on inventory right away.

And try to shop at specialist stores for the working professional. You’re going to want the right equipment that’s going to hold up to all the repeated, daily use, and a regular table chair won’t do the trick for you here. Maybe try out Speedy Marquee, as it’s a lot easier (and cheaper on your gas consumption!) to shop online for furniture that can be delivered straight to you.

Convert the Space Around You

If you don’t have a spare room, you’re not going to have to save up for an extension or turn the living room into a perfect space for the working professional, sacrificing your personal comfort in the process. No, instead you can very easily get yourself a little corner of any room where there’s some space, clear it out, and make it an office of your own.

You’re going to need to fit your desk in there, as well as your computer, and you’re going to need at least one storage box underneath the desk to keep all of your equipment in - maybe you’ve got a graphics tablet for logo design you do, or you’ve got a standing desk mount for when you get tired of writing all day whilst sitting down. You can even tune out the distractions by putting up a room divider or using a backdrop on your desk to invent your own little cubicle.

If you’re a freelancer just starting out in the business, and you’ve got no office to speak of, make sure you’re using the home around you.

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