Simon Severino - How to Fire Yourself from Fulfilment

24 Nov 2020

A bit about my guest on today’s episode:

Simon Severino is the CEO of Strategy Sprints, Europe’s leading remote Growth Advisory. His global team of Certified Strategy Sprint coaches do only one thing: Fire Yourself from your own Business. Simon also teaches Growth Strategy in select business schools. And hosts the Strategy Show podcast.

What we will be discussing today:

  • How to ‘fire yourself’ from your own business.
  • How to scale a business beyond you.
  • Increasing confidence in letting your business run independently.
  • How leading a team can boost your business.
  • Delegating tasks and outsourcing to the right VA.
  • The power of joint ventures and strategic alliances

Listen to the full episode:

How to Fire Yourself from Fulfilment

Once you have set up your own business, how do you learn to take a step back? When there are so many elements involved in running your business, why do you feel attached to constantly do all of the work? In other words, how do you fire yourself from fulfilment?

First things first though, why do we put ourselves at the centre of our work and find letting go hard?

When you started your business, freelancing, whatever it may be, you did it because you are good at something. Because you know your passion. If you start getting positive feedback and more opportunities from this, you see yourself as the centre of your business, and you feel like you are nurturing yourself and others.

But then there will reach a point when you can only do so much. You can’t do everything needed to grow a business, be there for clients, and enjoy life away from your work too. It’s understandable that you have a strong attachment to your business, but it is that attachment that could also limit your growth and success. If you are the only one doing the work, you are placing limits on how much you can do, and constraining the potential of your business.

By outsourcing work to the right people, you can have the chance to bring in more clients, focus on business growth, and improve your work/life balance.

Getting rid of the business guilt - knowing your values

When you step back from something that you feel so connected to, especially business, how do you get rid of that feeling of guilt about not showing up 24/7 to your business and almost feeling like you are cheating on your business.

Ask yourself what your values are. If you want to continue to be a role model both in your business and in your personal life, then it is ok to set boundaries and know how you want to spend your time and where to put your energy.

If your business is still making an impact, then that is what matters. If something with a client or one of your team members needs extra support, you are still there to come and oversee things.

How to start saving time and outsourcing work

When you realise that you are at a stage when you need more time and need to outsource, have a look at your work and how you are operating.

If you are working with multiple clients and find yourself explaining the same things over and over again, why continue to do so? Creating short video guides and resources that you can create once and then send to clients is a far more effective use of your time.

In terms of delegating work, you don’t need to hire someone full time if you are not at the point of being able to do that. Many VAs and freelancers can work on an hourly or part-time basis. If there is something in your business that is not your strength or you don’t have time for, why pressure yourself to do it when you could hire someone who will do a better job? It doesn’t have to break the bank either. Just starting to hire someone for a few hours a month can make a huge difference.

Finding the right VA

When you are searching for VAs, really think about what it is you want to outsource and look for people specialised in that particular task. Podcast guest Simon Severino uses platforms such as Crunchbase and AngelList to advertise for VAs, as well as posting on his own social media and receiving recommendations from other VAs. By looking for VAs specialised in one certain area, you know that you are getting the highest quality work.

The key messages here. Recognise when you need to take a step back from your business and bring in a team to support you. You don’t want to be the bottleneck stopping your business from growing. Outsource, create time and energy-saving systems, and know that you can still be there for your business and make an impact while delegating work, but with a better work/life balance.


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