Simple SEO Tips For Your Small Business

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April 19, 2023

If there is one thing that can be said for SEO, it is that it never stops changing, it moves quickly, and that means that there can be an overwhelming amount to do. Of course, one of the things that you can do to make it easy on you is to hire an SEO agency and let them take the reins. 

But if you aren’t looking for an agency, here are some SEO things that will make a difference to your company. 

Key Takeaways on Improving SEO for Your Small Business Website:

  1. Optimise Images: Use ALT tags, include keywords in file names, and compress images to maintain quality without slowing down website load speed.
  2. Craft Unique Meta Descriptions: Keep them around 155 characters, include keywords, use active voice, and add a call-to-action while ensuring it matches the post's content.
  3. Maintain an Active Blog: Write blog posts with keywords woven in, avoid keyword stuffing, and break down topics into smaller pieces of content for maximum impact.
  4. Use Headers, Bullet Points, and Short Sentences: Organise blog content with headers, bullet points, and concise sentences for better readability.
  5. Never Plagiarise: Seek inspiration from others, but always create original content.
  6. Optimise Social Media Profiles: Ensure consistent business names, use platform-specific image sizes, and link to relevant pages on your website.
  7. Link Building: Focus on outreach and deep linking strategies, using high-quality links in combination with valuable content for better SEO results.
  8. Leverage Free Measures: Take advantage of free measures available for enhancing your business and content creation efforts.
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You might be tempted just to put any image on your website, but you should ensure that all the images are optimised. Make sure you use the ALT tags and save the file name in a way that has your keywords. 

And it is also important to make sure that you compress your images, so they are still beautiful but aren’t going to slow the load speed of your website down. 

Meta Description 

If you have something like Yoast on your website, you will notice that there is space to add a META description. A META description holds a lot of power. Each of them needs to be unique - but they are another space where you can add in extra keywords and give some insight into what the rest of the page contains. 

Here is what to keep in mind: 

  • Try to keep it to about 155 characters
  • Have the main information at the start
  • Include keywords
  • Keep it in active voice
  • Call-to-action ‘get it now, read more, learn more’ and so on
  • It has to be unique 
  • Make sure it matches the content in the post


An active blog is a great way to keep your customers, clients and readers entertained and up-to-date with everything you are doing. Although your blog should cover more than just exactly what you’re doing to maximise it. 

The key to a well-written blog is that it has keywords woven into the piece. Although there is a temptation to keyword stuff, that will make the piece hard to read and won’t rank as highly as you might hope. 

Choose a topic to cover in each post, then take that and break it into smaller pieces of content. Creating over 64 pieces of content from a single blog post is possible. 

  • Use headers
  • Use bullet points
  • Split the content up into smaller sentences
  • Never plagiarise (but use others for inspiration)

Social Media

Make sure that all of your social media profiles are optimised. Ensure your business name is the same across all of them, and ensure that they all link to products or services (or your information page). Each social media profile will require a different image size, so make sure you are doing something that fits each individual. Stretched or cutoff images are never a good look. 

Link Building

There are plenty of link-building strategies that you can use, but in general, looking at outreach and deep linking will benefit you. Good-quality links, in combination with good-quality content, will also be beneficial. 

Regarding your content creation, here are: Free Measures That Will Enhance Your Business.

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