Small Business Mistakes to Avoid

28 Jul 2018

The Business Mistakes Manifesto - Part 1 of 5

Today it's the turn of the Small Business Mistakes to Avoid that you are ALL currently making, watch the video to find out more, but here is a snapshot of the top 11 Mistakes Small Business Owners are making right now:

  1. Your mum/friend/brother/aunt thought your idea was great
  2. You think everyone wants to buy your thing
  3. Then wonder why they don’t – but you don’t ask them
  4. So, you start looking for another job again
  5. You don’t have a business plan…
  6. …and even if you do you don’t refer to it
  7. You have absolutely no idea what your goals are
  8. You sell time-for-money…
  9. …instead of selling a specific outcome for your clients
  10. You delegate responsibility - you “don’t do numbers”
  11. You don’t ask for help

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