Social Media Management Platform: Top Tools for You

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May 9, 2024

You might be wondering how to manage every social media marketing task efficiently. One has to create, publish, and carry out analytics, reports, etc., which are stressful and time-consuming. These are tasks that digital marketers and big and small businesses must carry out every single day.

They are excellent tools that aid in streamlining one's workflow and social media efforts and also help in saving time. They will even make sure that one's content gets to their target audience at a proper time. They wondered about the best social media management platform for executing tasks, fastening their digital marketing, and growing their online presence. Read on to find out!

Key Takeaways on Social Media Management Tools

  • Streamlined Workflow: Social media management platforms offer a centralised dashboard to streamline tasks such as content creation, scheduling, analytics, and reporting, providing an efficient workflow for digital marketers and businesses.
  • Audience Targeting: Tools like Hootsuite allow users to connect with over 30 networks, enabling effective monitoring of social media presence and targeted content scheduling, ensuring it reaches the right audience.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Platforms like Sprout Social integrate multiple social media tools and provide robust reporting and analytics features. Detailed insights help in understanding audience behaviour and optimising social media strategies.
  • Effortless Content Recycling: SocialBee's feature of recycling evergreen content ensures continuous posting and maintains a balanced content mix, making social media management easier and more effective.
  • Customisation and User-Friendly Interface: Social media management tools, such as Post Planner, offer customisation features for scheduling content types and provide a user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Agency-Focused Solutions: Tools like Sendible cater specifically to agencies, offering unique integrations like Canva graphic editor and providing customised dashboards for efficient client management.
  • Affordability and Team Collaboration: Social Pilot, an affordable option designed for teams, combines various tools into a single dashboard. It is ideal for agencies with multiple team members, emphasising collaboration and content curation.
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What Are Social Media Management Platforms?

Social media management tools are software that lets people manage their digital profiles on different platforms from a single dashboard. They make every social media management task to be performed without any stress. They help users create, schedule posts, publish, monitor, analyse, engage, and collaborate easily.

Best Social Media Management Platforms

One of the most efficient ways to manage and streamline your social media tasks is by using a dedicated platform. ContentBASE offers comprehensive tools for content creation, scheduling, and analytics, ensuring your social media efforts are effective and well-coordinated. However, there are a lot of other quality social media management tools available online now that can help you carry out various tasks. We've listed the best social media management platform for you today. They are;

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite platform

This is a social media software that you can utilise for managing your online platforms from one dashboard. It's among the best social media management tools that have been used by more than 18 million people and businesses for over a decade.

This platform lets unlimited users curate and schedule posts, measure their social metrics, run social ads, etc. Hootsuite is an amazing platform, and users like many things about them.

One can start monitoring his social media presence on various accounts and even connect with more than 30 networks. You can also schedule posts in bulk for your social accounts.

2. Agora Pulse

This is among the top social media management tools now. It's additionally a multitasking social media scheduling platform that schedules, responds, and reports efficiently. They will design and post content on one's social media outlets at the right time.

You need to know the best time to post to maximise your presence online on your multiple social media accounts. With this social media management tool, you'll know the perfect time to share your video on YouTube and reach a vast audience.

They have a free plan, and they offer a lot of amazing features, like social media analytics, social listening, etc.

3. Sprout Social

SproutSocial platform

This is another top social media management tool that integrates multiple social media tools into a single platform. They carry out social media monitoring and scheduling the best time to post and also provide reporting and analytics tools.

Sprout Social is among the top tools providing customer relationship management features. When one has a complete profile of his potential customers, it will aid him in serving them better and building powerful relationships with them.

This social media management tool also carries out outstanding reports. Their reports are found useful by a lot of social media managers for downloading and sending to clients.

4. SocialBee

This social media management software carries out posting for one's profiles. It's an easy-to-use social media management tool that helps customers bring in additional leads without much effort.

With the help of this tool, people can add, organise, and share content to various sites in a place. They have a lovable feature, which is recycling evergreen content and ensuring that it's fresh using variation.

This tool can also be used for posting constantly and maintaining a total and balancing content mix in all categories. It's a great social media manager, and you will enjoy their services.

5. Post Planner

This is an effective social media marketing tool that helps users carry out tasks like marketing campaigns, finding quality content, planning a proper publishing calendar, and posting regularly.

They help in curating and rating content suggestion and even lets users produce social media content-type schedules for their multiple accounts. Making use of the Find tool on their website, you can be able to search for highly engaging content easily.

Additionally, rather than only selecting a period in one's schedule, one can pick a content type for all time slots and start filling them with one's targeted content.

6. MeetEdgar

This tool helps manage one's social media accounts in a dashboard. It's a social media scheduling tool that is created to aid one in streamlining his online marketing efforts.

They enable people to schedule, curate, and automate content in multiple social media channels. They also help to repurpose evergreen content.

A user can start utilising this tool to elevate his strategy and social listening capabilities automatically and seamlessly.

7. Sendible

This is one of the top social media management tools for agencies. They created it, especially for agencies with lots of customers. They offer a lot of features for the major social media platforms.

They also allow people to create customised dashboards according to their brands to attract fresh customers to their multiple social media profiles.

They even have unique integrations, like the Canva graphic editor, royalty-free images, etc. Also, this social media management tool provides automation for users seeking to save time.

8. eClincher

This is a unique social media management software that users can utilise for scheduling and publishing, responding to messages with the help of their inbox, analysing online performance, etc.

They provide basic analytics and social media reports for unlimited networks. They are unique because they let users auto-post using a smart queue with RSS feeds.

They even have a media library for images, and you're free to search out influencers on their site.

9. Social Pilot

This is an affordable and easy-to-use social media management software that is designed for teams. They combine a lot of tools into one single dashboard and then provide it at the cheapest price.

It has client management features, so it is definitely ideal for agencies with multiple team members. They will curate and suggest content from various sectors like tech, health, insurance, finance, etc.

Therefore, it's a good tool for finding relevant content for multiple platforms.

10. CoSchedule

This is a top social media calendar that you should try out today. It is a visual content calendar that is of high quality. Their prices are so affordable, and they even provide a free plan for accessing the calendar basically.

You can talk to their sales team for a professional plan for additional amazing features. Utilising this tool, one can manage and collaborate with his team to create social media posts and events.

It's an ideal tool for marketers and even small businesses seeking to start organising every one of their projects in a place. They even have a ReQueue feature that will aid you in automatically finding a proper posting time and also help you fill the gap in your online schedule.

11. Buffer

This is an efficient social media management app that individuals, marketers, and brands trust. They help to manage digital accounts and attract meaningful engagements and results online.

They offer various products for supporting content creation and your social media performance. They schedule social media posts, handle engagement, detailed analytics, and landing pages with team collaboration tools.

Their analytics and reporting tools are top-notch and designed to aid marketers in achieving their social media strategy and ROI better.

12. MavSocial

This is a tool that helps in streamlining social media management. They target visual content, and when one goes for the bigger plans, he can manage his Facebook and other social media networks' ads.

Apart from the typical features they provide, like scheduling tools, monitoring, and reporting, they also have a digital library for clients to manage, use, and edit their multimedia.

Additionally, they have a search engine for browsing many stock photos. They will even aid one in repeating his social media posts during a particular duration.

13. Crowdfire

This is among the social media tools that add new features all the time. Apart from scheduling posts, they let people manage their Twitter accounts and suggest content to be shared.

They stand out because they carry out quality digital campaigns and even help customers connect their blogs, channels, and online stores. They aid in creating posts for all updates one has on the site.


A social media management platform helps people carry out various tasks on networks efficiently. They are great and valuable tools that aid a user to streamline his workflow and save time. These tools come in various variations, and the one that will suit you ideally depends on all your online needs. With the assistance of these tools, you will achieve a lot in a short time and grow your multiple social networks easily.

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