Staying On Top Of Your Game In Business

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October 20, 2022

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As hard working business leaders, we’re all trying to find and maintain our edge - that secret sauce that keeps us on top of our game. The trouble is, this can ebb and flow over time as our natural motivation and energy levels adjust themselves, or react to outside stimulus. When you’ve worked so hard to set up a company, find your brand values, connect with an audience and take on the best employees, however, you can’t afford to let a bad day or two turn into a streak of lows. Keeping yourself at peak performances as an entrepreneur is just as important as any other company asset. So how do you keep the hustle alive after the initial struggle is over and business is up and running?

Learn To Delegate

This is one that a surprising amount of business leaders struggle with. When you first started out, you were unlikely to have had employees right away. You had to get used to doing everything yourself, from pitching to new clients to chasing up those overdue invoices, and everything in between. You get used to having things done in exactly the way you like them. When your company expands, however, you end up having to assign more tasks to other people. And that means letting them do the job you hired them for. If you take on too much and your work-life balance starts to spill over, then your focus tends to be too split to stay on top of things, so practice letting go within reasonable parameters.

Keep Up With Trends

The world around is always changing - and so are the customer wants and attitudes and macroeconomic conditions which will affect how competitive your business is in a global marketplace. It's vital to keep your finger on the pulse with trends from both insider your sector and in the broader business community. Spend time reading blogs, checking relevant social media like industry commentators’ Twitter accounts or relevant LinkedIn groups, sign up for trade newsletters, and map out what conferences, trade shows and local networking events will most benefit you. That way you are much better placed to make accurate predictions on new trends and better anticipate the needs of your cousin.

Prioritise Your Health

If you neglect your mental and physical wellbeing, it can really affect your ability to stay on top of things at work. Your health is an asset that you need to accept is part of your edge at work. Make sure that you take care of the basics by staying hydrated, taking regular screen breaks, making sure that you get into the fresh air at lunchtime, and completing DSE ergonomic training to make sure your workstation is set up correctly. These things can make a huge difference to your health over time and stop you from suffering something like strain injuries or eyesight failure. Get into proactive management of your mental health too, by finding practices which support you, such as using a mindfulness app or scheduling in regular exercise. Get the balance right and your business becomes much more viable in the longer term.

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