Success4 Meets Podcast Interview - Richard Willett

April 1, 2018

Success4 Meets Podcast Interview - Richard Willett

Discover the best you through safe self development. Success4 are fast becoming the leading brand for self development in the U.K. Our podcasts are from the biggest and brightest self developers, coaches, entrepreneurs and business minds in the world today.

In this interview, Rich from sits down with Robin Waite to chat about his coaching, his fantastic books Online Business Start Up and Take Your Shot. Nicknamed the Gatling Gun because of the speed of which he delivers such fantastic value, Robin is one of the best coaches in the UK today.

Listen to the Full Interview here:

Robin Waite · Success4 Meets Podcast Interview - Richard Willetts

His book “Take Your Shot” is a refreshing twist on coaching books, taken from one of his earlier clients and turned into a parable and fiction, this book is both creative and informative whilst providing both entertainment and true value.

More About Robin Waite:

  • I’m a real family man, and love nothing more than spending time with my wife, Charlotte, and two young daughters.
  • I’m a mad keen road cyclist and can often be seen hurtling down Frocester Hill at 50mph. (Though I’m a lot less keen on cycling back up!)
  • I rarely drink, but when I do, I love a pint of pale ale.
  • I’m often teased for my huge collection of Salt Rock T-shirts – over 20 at the last count.
  • Despite being a bestselling author, I’m not a big fan of reading. Audiobooks are how I prefer to learn.
  • My presenting coach nicknamed me ‘the Gatling gun’ because of how fast I talk. If you’ve met me, you’ll understand why!
  • I lost my Dad in October 2013. He was a huge driving force in my life, and he still inspires me every day.

You Can Also Watch the Interview on YouTube:

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