The Art of Crafting Engaging Facebook Videos for Maximum Views

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April 16, 2024

If you are a creator on Facebook, you might have come across a situation where your videos are not getting the reception that you hoped for. You might be giving your all in creating content and still, the views on your videos have gone stagnant. This might lead you to wonder what is going wrong in your videos. But you do not need to worry, we have come up with the perfect solution. For a more targeted approach, see who watched your videos on Facebook to understand your audience better and tailor your content accordingly. Our solution or list of solutions will ease all your worries about views on your videos.

We will help you understand how you can create a Facebook video for maximum likes and views. These tips will come in quite handy when you are planning to create your next video.

Key Takeaways on Crafting Engaging Facebook Videos:

  1. Cut to the chase: Grab your audience's attention from the start by avoiding lengthy introductions. A brief teaser or synopsis in the initial seconds informs viewers about the video's content.
  2. Use captions and descriptions wisely: As many users watch without sound initially, captions are crucial. Craft compelling titles that describe your content, incorporating trending and searchable keywords.
  3. Call-to-action: Implement a strong CTA to guide viewers on desired actions. Whether placed within the post, video, or as a text overlay at the end, a well-placed CTA can enhance engagement.
  4. Video quality matters: Shoot videos in good lighting with clear visuals. Minimise background noise, opt for a plain or aesthetically pleasing background, and prioritise natural lighting. Consider investing in a ring light for indoor shoots.
  5. Posting techniques: Optimise for mobile viewing by shooting videos in square mode, as these perform better on smartphones. Format videos according to mobile standards and use the MP4 format for maximum platform compatibility.
  6. Use the KISS approach: Keep videos simple and inject humour when possible. Avoid complexity, focusing on content that is easy to understand and highly shareable.
  7. Play the tagging game: Tag relevant people, including brands, influencers, and loyal fans, to boost views and encourage sharing. Ensure accurate tagging to maintain relevance.
  8. Plan for live videos: Leverage the popularity of live videos on Facebook. Connect directly with your audience, building trust and potentially increasing viewership on other videos.
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Tips to Craft Facebook Videos for Garnering Maximum Views

1. Cut to the chase

You are making a big mistake if you waste the first few seconds of your video in lengthy introductions. You are not shooting a movie; you are creating video content for your audience. You can use a few seconds of teaser in your video with thumbnails or a brief synopsis. This will let your audience know what the video is all about.

2. Use captions and descriptions wisely

Many users watch a video on Facebook without turning on sound for the first few minutes. Even though Facebook auto-plays mobile videos with sound on, users can disable this setting. In this case, if your videos have captions in them, it will be easier for the user to understand your videos.

Also, the title of your video should be able to describe your content. Your video’s title should be interesting and able to catch your audience’s attention. Search for keywords that are both in trend and are easy to search.

3. Call-to-action

Incorporating a strong CTA in your videos helps users understand what you want them to do. A well-placed call-to-action can bring in more views and engagement on your videos. You might be wondering what are the best places to put CTAs in. We can help you with that, put CTAs inside of the post, or within the video, or make a text overlay at the end of your video.

4. Video quality

We are not asking you to spend on expensive cameras to shoot your videos. But make sure that your videos are shot in good lighting and have clear visuals. Avoid any background noise or disturbance in your videos. Ensure that the videos are shot in front of a wall that is either plain or has some minimal aesthetics. Prefer natural lighting over artificial light. In case you are shooting indoors, you can invest in a ring light.

5. Posting techniques

A lot of users use Facebook on their smartphones, so it is wise to shoot your videos in the same mode. Square videos are played on smartphones rather than landscape videos. Hence, if you shoot your videos in square mode, you will see an increase in views and engagement on such videos. You can also format your videos to fit them according to mobile standards. Also, post videos in MP4 format as it is the most favoured one by the platform.

6. Use the KISS approach

Do not go overboard with your videos. Your videos should be simple and if possible, include a funny element into them. Use the keep it simple, stupid approach to shoot your content. Do not make highly complex content, rather post content that is easy to understand and is highly shareable. Pick a point you are trying to make your audience understand and shoot your content accordingly in a light manner.

7. Play the tagging game

Tagging other people on your videos is another great way to garner more views. If you have collaborated with brands or influencers, tag them in your videos. You can also tag your most loyal fans (fan badges) in your videos. This will further encourage your fans to watch and share more and more of your videos. But always ensure that you are tagging the right people in the relevant videos.

8. Plan for live videos

Currently, live videos are most popular on Facebook and they are being favoured by the platform’s algorithm as well. Live videos help you connect with your audience directly. This might increase viewers on your other videos as well. Also, live videos build trust in your audience as they know that what they are seeing is not edited.

9. 360 videos and stories

360 videos are another trend that is popular on Facebook. These videos can be watched from different angles and the user is in total control of how they want to view a video. These videos also gain a higher number of views.

You can also share your videos in Facebook stories to gain more viewers. Stories are available for 24 hours and are highly popular among viewers.

10. Do your research

Turn to Facebook Insights to find out how your videos are performing. Facebook Insights shows metrics such as how many minutes your videos have been viewed, the number of views, and the average watch time. This will help you understand what kind of content is clicking with your audience. Also, it will help in increasing engagement on your videos.

You can also post your Facebook videos to other platforms to get more audience and views on your video.

11. Stop copying others

Always ensure that your videos are not violating any copyright rules. Even the audio track that you are using must be licensed for commercial use. Your video must reflect your brand’s values so copying others is not recommended. Getting inspired is fine but blatantly copying others’ content is not.

We hope these tips will help create your next Facebook video. These tips will help you create videos that are not only engaging but also get your point across to your audience. You can use FBPostLikes for more likes and views on your videos. So, pick up your camera and start shooting your next trending video.

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