The Benefits Of An Emergency Contacts List For Business

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February 10, 2023

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When it comes to your business, there are often times when things don’t go according to plan and you need help. Emergencies tend to require this outsourced help, whether that’s a building problem or equipment that needs fixing.

An emergency contacts list is perfect for this type of situation and there are plenty of benefits to introducing one for your business. With that in mind, here are some advantages of having an emergency contacts list.

Helps facility managers and business ops teams

Your facility managers or business ops team are working together on a daily basis to upkeep the company’s day-to-day operations. Being able to provide them with a more efficient system is important when it comes to emergencies, which is where emergency contact lists are helpful to have.

It’s beneficial for getting quick fixes, whether that’s a 24/7 emergency locksmith or temporary staff to help support the reception team due to an illness.

Great for all employees to utilise regardless of their role

There may be scenarios where certain staff members are away and the decisions made in an emergency typically land with those individuals. In the scenario where they’re away, it’s important for other staff members to be aware of protocol and who to call in any unfolding emergency situation.

This contacts list could be digitally accessible in a shared folder across the workforce or given access to those who are of a senior or managerial level.  

Assists in resolving a crisis quicker

Being able to resolve a crisis quickly is important and so having an emergency list of contacts proves helpful when panic sets in and a staff member are racing to find the appropriate contact for the situation.

For some problems, like an electrical outage, it’s good to have someone you’ve already pre-selected and used before to help avoid the costs that can come with emergency callouts.

Get hold of the relevant contacts quicker

There are some emergency situations where time is of the essence and the quicker the problem is solved, the better. If you’re struggling for time, then having an emergency contacts list will help shave down the response time and hopefully get someone on the job as quickly as possible.

This is helpful in scenarios where every hour is impacting business productivity like telephone comms being down. If there’s a data breach, then having your IT support team on hand quickly could reduce the damage done to your company’s reputation.

Reduces the stress of the situation 

There are certain stressful situations that come with emergencies and while you want to keep a cool head, sometimes it can feel like you’re in a very stressful moment in time. However, with the use of an emergency contacts list, you can help reduce that stress in more ways than one.

Creating an emergency contact list is easy enough to do and just requires you to have the best contacts that you’ve perhaps used previously and can rely on to show up and fix the problem.

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